new Tesla Roadster unveiled

Discussion in 'General Automotive Discussion' started by action-ant, Nov 17, 2017.

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    No gas bills is more of an added bonus rather than a financial concern--Tesla stock ownership so far means the car and running costs are all "free", and if it were gas powered, the fill-ups would be free as well. Good for the environment and air quality, that's all. I am aware of the debate about batteries being more harmful, but that's a rather complex issue and I think I would err on the side of batteries. They are getting more efficient, they don't pollute endlessly like gas emissions, and I think we will further decrease the environmental impact with better recycling.

    Don't really understand the people bashing Musk as a snake-oil salesperson. He has been transparent about the production glitches, and those issues certainly don't prove he is a cheat. The cars are being produced. The gigafactory is moving forward. The space missions are also proceeding. Where is the cheating? The deposits and cash reserves are drops in the bucket compared to the annual running costs of these enterprises, so I don't think it would work as a Ponzi scheme. I also like the hyperloop idea and the Boring Co. He seems to be an innovator and he has the engineering and physics knowledge to back it up. A lot of the people bashing him seem to base their logic on junk science, paranoia, or just ignorance.

    Whatever, I am looking forward to the roadster, and if it is a year delayed beyond the promised date, I really won't mind. Nor will I mind if the price goes up 100k. Didn't Ferrari revise the price on the 599 by 70k? I don't think many people cared. These are simple economic curves, and I am sure car manufacturers figure in the marginal rate of substitution when they raise the price x%. If I can afford it, I will stick with it, if not, I will cancel. I feel the deposit and position in waiting line will command a premium, so it's like any other investment for me. Maybe a Picasso will appreciate more, maybe a bond will yield less. I like the roadster and would buy it even without these financial upsides.
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    Another thread about washing machines? Box powders next? :p

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