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  1. Just bought a home in Vienna, Va. so wife can spend time with youngest daughter who is expecting in June. This will be a new adventure for me as I've been in the So. Cal, Orange County area and C&C scene going way back. Where should I go to get up to speed with the foreign car scene, Car's and Coffee etc in that area?
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    Welcome to the DC area! The best and largest of the local car meets is Katie’s Cars & Coffee on Saturday mornings from 6-9a. There are many others, mostly in Northern VA, as well. If you are on Facebook join the group “Find Car Meets” which does a great job of cataloguing all of the local meets and shows.

    And of course join the FCA Mid Atlantic Region. The best Ferrari event, the Spring Thaw, is actually this coming Saturday in Leesburg. You can register and pay to join lunch or just show up to walk around.
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    Welcome!! Vienna is a diverse area, many different homes, some with land others on a postage stamp. Route 123 can be a traffic nightmare, learn the back roads.

    The Vienna Inn is a must stop for a great/cheap chili dog and fries, $1 beers, its a dive, but a landmark institution!!

    Join the FCA MAR, lots of great people and some really cool car collections around. Take your car to Competizione for service, best mechanics and all around great guys there!
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    I remember the Vienna Inn from 30+ years ago. Fun stories. Glad it’s still there.
  5. Thanks for input! I did read a blurb about Katie's...a great Saturday morn I read. I will land Sunday morn and leaving to go back to Hunt Bch the following Sat morn so I'll miss it both week ends...darn. Back Jun 1st or so. I love dives! Vienna Inn sounds like my go to place for a beer. Thanks..
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  7. Thanks for the Vienna Inn menu! Seems when I am there permanently for at least a year, I will be almost down the street from Vienna Inn off Chain Bridge. I will definitely have car withdrawals but I hope to get up to speed back there. Around here we have the luxury of the weather all year therefore events all 12 months. We just had the Long Beach Grand Prix 15 minutes away, Donut Derelicts for American muscle and rat rods and you'll see Bruce Meyer, Chip Foose, Barry Meguire etc. C&C at Crystal Cove, arguably one the originals, is quietly back on Saturdays. This Sunday is Luftgekuhlt here and seems I'm on wrong coast at wrong times. Oh well...I'll have a beer at Vienna Inn Sunday afternoon while the ladies have their baby shower and cheer to a new adventure! .
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    Welcome to Vienna neighbor,

    Join us at the All-Italian Car Show at Nottoway Park, Saturday May 12. I'll have my black 1998 355F1 GTS there, and perhaps my 1979 Fiat Spider 2000. Please find me and introduce yourself. I also have a 1994 Jaguar XJS V12 convertible.

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    The organizer, Nick Vadala, also lives in Vienna. He is the owner of London Auto Services in Falls Church. He's been my trusty mechanic for MANY years, specializing in British and Italian cars. They also work on just about anything very capably.
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    Welcome to the area. I’m near Dulles Airport in Ashburn. As others have said, there are tons of Cars and Coffees in the area.

    Also glad to have another Jag fan in the area! There are a bunch of E-Types and all others around.

    If you need shop recommendations for any brand, just ask, we have great places in the region.
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    Saw this thread last month, just wanted to see if anyone from fchat other than @StanT were going to the show? hoping for a great turnout with even better weather

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