New Toy: 430 Silverstone, and a 430spider available

Discussion in '360/430' started by spg993tt, Nov 3, 2007.

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    Well, thx guys for the advise on pricing and options. I ended up buying a Silverstone, 2k mile 430 , 2006, 204k sticker, manual. all the options and colors i wanted. paid reasonably, not great, not overly so, but got the dealer to toss in a yeaar of warranty taking me into 2010 so my blood pressure should be fine atleast 3 more years!!
    i'll have photos maybe midweek. hoping to pick it up tuesday.

    i did want to advise guys on something i saw along my way. i've done a few pcars with him,... Bryan Huff @ Midwest Auto has a very nice 2006 , 2k mile, 430Spider. 245 was sticker. he was asking 265. i told him yes...thought for about 10seconds that i really have never loved convertibles, etc. and am more a coupe guy, and told him no in same second. after buying the coupe yesterday, i mozied back to him and the spider was still there.i have no affiliation with byran other than having done some stuff with him.i make nothing on it. etc.
    i just dont want it, however good a deal it might or might not be. i know nothing of the quality of the car, though its a silver, 2k mile, carbon engine..i thought the interior was hate to use the word meager.
    so someoen looking for a below market car, that might be it. if you email me,, i will send you a few photos he had sent me.

    i'll have photos of my new 430 once ive go tit. but that spider i think will be gone shortly so i figured i'd post this....
    you can see some of my other cars at

    dont hate my login name. i havent had a 993 TT for about a year or more. my memory just cant handle 4 usernames on 4 car sites, let alone the other places i visit.

    thx for all the help. looking forward to participating more.
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  3. marksp

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    Jul 10, 2006
    Redmond, WA
    Congratulations, welcome and get those pictures up as soon as possible ;)! Looking forward to seeing your F430!

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