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    Aug 19, 2016
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    Nov 25, 2012
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    Jan 27, 2015
    Does the eManettino work with gloves?
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    Aug 19, 2016
    I’d say they rhyme, but not a repetition
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    Igor Ound
    This is how the laferrari should have looked like
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    Some of you guys are hilarious. I’m guessing you think all women look alike because they all have eyes, a nose, and a mouth.
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    Thomas Harris
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    Jan 21, 2017
    A new car without ugly turbine wheels is good news ;)
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    Went with Abu Dhabi blue and white stripe with really cool interior in several shades of blue leather and alcantara

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    Anthony Lauro
    The Camaro called, they want their tail lights back! ;)
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    Very interesting to see the differences with both now facing west! Thanks :)
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    I think we should let this thread die in peace and focus on the new one in the dedicated section.

    Fresh real life pics in the new thread
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    Sounds feeble!!!!

    Especially in an amphitheater like that!!!!
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    Great to see it has the power we expected, but 1700+ kg true weight... that is *very* heavy. Price will be interesting.
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    Ilir Ferati
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    Its missing the rear fog light and the tach lights....

    But overall Im amazed with what Ferrari has done here. I was sceptical back when we had the first spyshot. But this just left me speechless.
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    Jul 25, 2012
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    Love the new SF90 Stradale! After the not so successful F8 Tributo Ferrari built again a very beautiful car! Great work Ferrari!
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    Andrew Menasce
    Fiorano package, body colored roof in tdf...
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    Just got back to the hotel from the premiere...My 2 cents:

    1. Forget the pictures. The car looks 10 times better in the metal. Huge presence and tons of tiny little detail that you can spend hours looking at. The front is a masterpiece, but the back is the one that draws your attention in the long run. This is where all the “engineering” takes place. The solution for the rear wing which moves down for downforce is pure brilliance. Loved the mirrors and the way they sit on the body. Overall proportions are very attractive and better than the pictures.

    2. We were played a sound clip of the car’s exhaust sound. Disappointing in my view, but no worse than the Pista.

    3. The car is very colour dependent. It looks absolutely incredible in red. The grey with the special livery looked bland in comparison and I really didn’t care for he livery itself. I don’t think it suits the car at all. However the lightweight details are beautiful to look at. this is not a car for painted shields...There isn’t enough space...the standard shields will do just fine

    4. Both sets of wheels (standard and carbon) look absolutely awesome. It will be hard to pick between the two. They also fill the wheelarches very well

    5. The interior is spectacular. It is not as tight and cozy as a LaF, in fact it feels as spacious as a 488. However the dash is stunning in both design and layout, the graphics are very cool (unlike Lamborghini) and the new steering wheel is beautiful, especially with the optional carbon. I definitely did not like the feel of the touch buttons on the steering wheel, the only black mark on an otherwise flawless design. I am also undecided on the new key which looks like a larger bonnet badge...It is one of those “look at me I have a Ferrari” accessories...

    6. The Fiorano pack (if I remember the name correctly) is a must. Apart from the weight savings (negligible at 30kg), the parts look beautiful, they are functional in the rear and the full carbon interior is exactly what the car was meant to be sold with. The red car had a normal leather interior and I must say it is out of character with the SF90. Not keen on the helmet that comes with the pack though...

    7. Listening to the extent of technical innovation is truly impressive. There are 45 “innovations” that happen for the first time in a Ferrari. This time the engineering team worked hard and it shows.

    8. I was surprised to hear of the extent of modifications done on the standard V8 to get to the SF90 version...It is a very different engine. If you see the engine bay the first thing that will strike you is how low the engine is. Almost on the floor! Seeing the bare chassis with the mechanicals fitted shows the effort that has gone into the packaging of this car. Also the 8 speed gearbox is 30% faster than the old 7 speed. It is the first time in a long time that I see Ferrari not cutting any corners and replicating things from other cars.

    7. The reaction from the crowd was very enthusiastic. Nearly everyone I spoke to is getting one.

    In summary, I think Ferrari are on to a big winner here. I expected to see a profit exercise and what I saw is “a lot of car for the money”. Order it in the right colour, get the optional Fiorano pack with the full carbon interior and you have LaF+ performance in a car that -to my eyes- at least looks more beautiful, for under a quarter of the current LaF price. Please form an orderly queue (and you’ll see me there)

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    Nov 25, 2012

    did they talk price?
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    So how much is this? 500k or 800k?

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