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    No F1 trophies since 2008 but some magnificent road cars

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    Maybe SP8 ?
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    Close enough to the 'unofficial' name..
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    while observing all those ferrari hypes.. guys at Mclaren thought.. "bring the hybrid mule on road ; let arrange some spy? shots- and sent them to auto magazines. (just joking)
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    Mule testing the hybrid system for the speedtail ( bp23) ,
  6. Jonathan19

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    Sep 13, 2017
    You're making a reference to Jeremy Clarkson, aren't you?
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    Not a joke: mule photos are quite often leaked to the press deliberately. In this case, if they really wanted to keep it secret, they wouldn´t have wrapped a car that it´s already in the market.
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    Since Mercedes split off from McLaren, Ferrari hasn't had a winning season and likely never will for a long time. Red Bull with a Honda engine, yes Honda, is doing better. Max Verstappen still hasn't been able to get a Pista allocation.

    That's why they've switched from a racing brand to a luxury brand, building more cars and the Pista will almost certainly be my last Ferrari for a very long time. Aside from the Pista/488, all their cars have been duds, 812 SF, Portofino, Lusso, all with poor sales as of late, with the Portofino being the only seller, for now for those that want the name. The F8 is just F8gly.

    REALZEUS F1 Veteran

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    What an ignorant, factually erroneous and hateful statement. All teams have had large spells of drought. Ferrari went without a constructors' title between 1964 and 1974 (10 seasons), then between 1984 and 1998 (15 seasons), and yet they have enjoyed huge success in between and since then. Ferrari will surely win again. BTW, McLaren's last constructors' was 21 years ago, while Williams's was 22 years go!!! The fact that you don't like their cars is your prerogative, but they are universally revered and the sales and profits record new highs year after year!!!
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    Of course your ignorance does not allow you to mention in what a poor state is McLaren, not to mention the attempt of the 500 miles
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    Harold Lounge
    Woah... Did someone spit in your porridge??
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    I get it. We all felt robbed during the last season of GOT. Please cry your river on a different forum.

    #don’t feed the troll
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    Paul Chua
    You are right, they have been getting beaten by Mercedes and this season has been rough. As bad as this drought is, still doesn't compare to the 1984 - 1998 15 year hiatus. Will they get worse then that? Maybe, still time to tell. Ferrari has always had dry spells like any sports franchise.

    Ferrari has had consecutive record breaking sales for the last 8 years, selling every car they make. The latest quarterly report has them exceeding their own targets. In total sales, they are not suffering in any way.

    Why do you say their cars are duds? Because they are not always the fastest?
  14. Ferrari FXX

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    Wow you think the 458 was a dud? F12 a dud? You sound like an angry Lamborghini-McLaren fan boy that doesn't understand the demographics of Ferrari's blue print and business. The 812 and Lusso are for a different type client that DOES NOT want the flash but practicality and a fast car. Lusso is made for families. 812 is for that older client that loves front end Ferraris yet a practical looking car that doesn't look like a space ship. These people go on road trips and business meetings, go golfing but don't want to show up driving a Batmobile every where they go. I should know I own a 458 and 488 spider and the attention gawking gets sickening after some point.

    The Lakers, Celtics, Yankees and Dallas Cowboys have all gone through championship winning droughts. Dallas hasn't won a super bowl in 24 years but they are the most profitable popular and most hated team in probably all of American professional sports. McLaren makes great cars, but McLaren and Lamborghini could only WISH AND DREAM they had the brand recognition of Ferrari.
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  15. boobernackle

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    May 28, 2016
    Please read my prior post a little more thoroughly. My disdain is for current production cars except the 488/Pista. F12, 458, F430, among many others are stunning and amazing cars.

    The current design language, 812 SF, F8, Lusso, Portofino are just terrible.
  16. boobernackle

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    May 28, 2016
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    Oh wow, the hate is hard with this one. The situation with McLaren now should tell you how much Mercedes was carrying them. Yes, Ferrari has record profits because of huge production increases. Also, plenty of new Ferraris sitting on showroom floors waiting for owners. This is a huge step in the wrong direction, which is the problem Tesla is having now, demand saturation. Just look at all the folks still clamoring for a Pista instead of the F8, that tells you a lot.

    You can't say the Ferrari of old is the Ferrari ahead. Being a publicly traded company changes things dramatically.

    I don't think the drought years of Ferrari ever had anything close to what they had last year with the tire situation in Japan. That's when you knew heads would roll and this season is another sandbag year.

    Oh and Ferrari selling every car they make? Not anymore except the Pista, every 3 months or so I get a call from my dealer asking to trade my Ferrari for a new one with a BS excuse, like customer died, travel, etc. Some of the folks here clearly haven't purchased a new Ferrari since the IPO.
  17. manya81

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    LOL! To me the 812 is the most beautiful car in the market right now.
    it seems a matter of taste.
  18. boobernackle

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    May 28, 2016
    Yes, but given the poor demand of 812 just 2 years after release, most of the customers say otherwise. In the USA you can walk in and get a 812 allocation with no history. Been like that for over a year now. I mean, look at how beautiful the F12 looks in comparison, which can be had barely used for way less.

    Same thing with the Lusso, Portofino and F8. Try that with a Pista, good luck!

    REALZEUS F1 Veteran

    Feb 16, 2011
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    It is obvious that you are unaware of both the history of the marque and its present situation.
    Firstly, Ferrari commands the highest profit margin in the industry, about 90k per car sold. That is the main reason for its record profits.
    Regarding unsold cars. don't judge by your dealer alone, the whole world is much larger than that. Your dealer's job is also to make more money out of you, you can't blame them for trying to make another additional sale. The world sales speak for themselves!!!
    Ferrari's last year's F1 season, while not what one would call a success (for Ferrari only championship wins constitute success), was far from its worse. In 1980 Ferrari finished... 10th, with 8 points to its name, whilst Williams won the title with 120 points!!! Some perspective mate!!!
    Regarding McLaren and Mercedes, the Woking team was using theAnglo-German engine as recently as the 2014 season. That makes it 15 years of McLaren-Mercedes failing to win the constructors. A bit of history reading wouldn't go amiss...
  20. boobernackle

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    May 28, 2016
    The 90K profit per car figure is wrong. You derived it by accounting for profit from other sources of revenue beyond cars.

    Also, winning in Formula 1 goes way beyond an engine.

    Thanks for trying, goodbye!

    REALZEUS F1 Veteran

    Feb 16, 2011
    Bournemouth, UK
    90k amounts to cars, engines sold to Maserati and F1 teams, as well as accessories. The non cars contribution is about 30%, which would leave the profit margin per car at a still absurd 65k.
    Of course winning in F1 goes beyond the engine, otherwise Ferrari would have won the past few years, not to mention the V12 era of the '90s, when their engine was by far the most powerful, but the chassis a dog.
    You are welcome to try again.
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    Ferrari V8 claims fourth consecutive International Engine + Powertrain of the Year award

    The Ferrari 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 has once again been crowned overall winner of the coveted International Engine + Powertrain of the Year award, becoming the first engine in the awards’ history to scoop the title four years in a row.

    With the new category system put in place for 2019, seven standout automotive developments had the chance to win the outright title, but the Italian OEM’s biturbo V8 claimed top spot once again, beating Jaguar Land Rover’s three-award-winning battery electric powertrain that powers the new I-Pace.

    “It’s this stat that hammers home how truly amazing this Ferrari V8 engine is: since its launch in 2016 it remains undefeated at the International Engine + Powertrain of the Year Awards, winning no fewer than 14 trophies!” said Dean Slavnich, International Engine + Powertrain of the Year Awards co-chair.

    “And now it has won the overall award four years straight, cementing its place in the history books. I very much doubt such an achievement will ever be matched again.”

    As well as picking up the overall award at the 21st edition of the International Engine + Powertrain of the Year, the 3902cc eight-cylinder unit also took home the awards for the Above 650ps and Best Performance Engine categories.

    Following this year’s ceremony in Stuttgart, Germany, Ferrari’s tally of International Engine & Powertrain of the Year awards has now risen to an impressive 31.

    A full list of winners can be found here.

    Recognized as one of the automotive industry’s top accolades and judged by a fully independent, truly international panel of industry experts, the 21st International Engine + Powertrain of the Year Awards were announced at a ceremony during Engine Expo 2019 at the Messe Stuttgart, Germany, on Wednesday, May 22.

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    What I hear you saying is that you really don’t like the new round of Ferrari’s. Also that the biggest driver for you to like a specific car is that it is exclusive and difficult to obtain.

    Sounds fair and reasonable to me.

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    Mass Appeal
    Proportion wise, yes there is. One can see it. There is no mix up of the two. One will never be mistaken for the other. One can easily differentiate between the two, and at the same time see the similarities. It is those who cannot see the similarities whose eyes are lying to them. To say that there is no similarity is to break one of the cardinal rules of the Car Lovers Bible (I make them up as I go along), “Thou shalt not allow thy ego and station in life to dismiss design similarities between higher and lesser marques.”

    There is a convergent design that happens with the front engined long hood short deck look. Corvette, F12/812, Aston Martin DB11. Look at how the Jag F-Type, Mercedes AMG GT, and new Aston Martin Vantage look very similar. About the same size, same proportions. What is different, is the styling, or the execution of it.

    The Corvette is more sharp angles, with curves, and the transverse leaf springs give it a slight high ride look (need to be lowered), and the rear could be better executed. Let’s not be too snooty, because even the beautiful Iso Grifo A3/C was powered by a Corvette engine.
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    Ferrari Dino P4?

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