New York state tax question..

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    NY state tax..

    I am a washington state resident but I have been working in new york for the past 11 months as a contractor.. I just got my federal tax done by a tax pro in washington state. Unfortunately, he didn't do state tax return so I have to do it myself.. I itemized on my federal tax return since I claimed moving/living expenses during my stay in new york. I just looked at the NY state tax form and its instructions to itemize for a part-year resident and it gave me a headache.

    Instead of using my federal tax to itemize on my state tax return, can I just use the NY state standard deduction and be done with it? Sure I will get a smaller return than if I itemize but I don't mind. I estimated the numbers and the difference isn't that much. Is it legal to do it? Can the NY tax officials access my federal return at the IRS and compare?

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