NFL 2022

Discussion in 'Sports' started by tomc, Feb 18, 2022.

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    Tom C
    Yeah. That doesn't sound like a cake walk...T
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    Keith Hall
    Well, Paul it is certainly understandable and no apology required. Now if you confused me with being a Cowboys or Patriots fan, them's fightin' words! :p
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    The original Fernando
    What's up with that is it's not just Pittsburgh.
    The AFC North plays the AFC East and NFC South - and most of those teams are in the eastern time zone.
    After you set that up, you then have three more games to schedule to get it to 17 games, and for those you
    usually play teams of the same rank but in different divisions, such as GB plays Tampa, Tenn and Rams.
    GB was 1st in the NFC North, Tampa, Tenn and Rams were 1st in their divisions....
    Minn was 2nd and will play three teams that finished 2nd in theirs, and so on....

    Pitt will play at Philly, at Indy and Vegas...

    So, Pittsburgh, Cincy, Balt and Clv all fall into the same boat, for the most part.
    Balt's only one out is at New Orleans, Cincy is at Dallas and New Orleans, Clv is at Houston.
  5. pilotoCS

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    The schedule is on a rotating formula regarding a particular division's opponents. Distances and time zones aren't part of the formula.

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