No Ferrari Content....2015 Reno Air Races

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    Well, we think of all the car stuff, and maybe some have another following...

    No plane...only took the controls on a hand full of planes myself..

    Well, have the brother of a good friend in CA. His brother Dennis and wife Tami have been winning Gold class the last few years against all the millionaires. Went out for the races a few years ago...what a great experience. In the pits all weekend with Dennis and Tami. (These two are the most dedicated people in their field that I have ever met. Talk about party too after hours!!)

    See Dennis was second in the first qualifying heat a couple of hundreds of a second behind... If you want to follow along...this maybe the best link...this is going to be a great match up with Dennis and the number one guy for the final race....

    2015 Pilot Report

    You can link to the general site from there also..

    (All these guys are slightly...well "dedicated" you get the idea as many of you know concerning motor sports....

  2. norbert

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    Jun 22, 2003
    Message from Dennis's brother just now....!!!

    My brother Dennis...wins the Gold again, the Reno Air Races.....Yeah!! Good old #43!!
    The Lord blessed him again....and kept him safe. Flying at 100 ft off the ground at 238 mph.

    David & Sheila
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    Jun 22, 2003
    Look at the speed difference between 1st and 2nd place...What a race!!

    2015 T-6 Pairings

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