Notes on car storage and resurrection

Discussion in '308/328' started by AZDoug, Jul 20, 2009.

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    I posted a few weeks in response to someone asking about a stored car and what may need to be done.

    So far this is what I have encountered on my car, which I parked about 8 years ago due a leaking fuel tank cross over lines,and other commitments required of me.

    Even though the water pump was replaced less than 1000 miles before the car being parked, it is toast. Fortunately, I rebuilt the original WP as a spare and will install it, then rebuild the other pump a bit later.

    One cam tensioner bearing was toast, the other was perfect, not sure if that was related to sitting, probably not.

    Cam belts, even though they had 30K miles on them, looked just fine. Not sure I would have trusted them.

    Rubber brake hoses are hard and brittle. Going to order those this week for replacement shortly, then evaluate and rebuild calipers as needed.

    Original, left over fuel vapor recovery lines are turning to dust. Those got ****canned, as I won't be using the vapor recovery system anymore. The stainless braided replacements I put in ~20 some years ago look/feel fine, but will be replaced as a precaution.

    Tires are good enough to get the brake hoses changes and system bled with new fluid,and maybe a few more miles, but wouldn't trust them at speed as they are ~15 years old.

    The carbs. They will leak like sieves, is my guess, on first fuel delivery. I will let them fill, and the gaskets expand over night, then see if there are any leaks under fuel pressure.

    I think low mile cars should always be looked at very carefully, as a regularly driven and maintained car, may be in much better shape than a car that has low miles but sat in a garage for years.

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