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Discussion in 'General Automotive Discussion' started by msdesignltd, Nov 9, 2005.

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    Is it me or have you been noticeing lately how so many car manufacturers are copying mercedes design cues.....Um the ford 500 is a direct knock off of the E class Mercs.No other car shows up design cues copied as much as the E class.....Saw the new Kia sport ute...identical shape to the new ML class merc. Have you seen the new infinity, thats a CLS clone right off the bat.So many acuras look like they borrow parts off BMW....
    What ever happenned to originality?

    List other examples of such atrocities
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  3. ferraripete

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    i think in the quest for the most slippery shape or best coefficient of drag, all sedans will take on a similar look as the wind tunnel will ultimately drive the design.
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    Matthew Shinavar
    but the similarity of the lexus line to the MBZ line, that might be a little too close.

    additionally in reference to auto Cd, the C6 vette which most would say is a sleek shape, has a Cd of ~.26. the toyota prius, a regular econo looking car, has a Cd of .24. this means that a more sleek car doesnt necessarily have less drag, so im not gonna buy that the car has to look like a certain way [like a MBZ] to be more efficient.

    if they were looking for better efficiency they should use full underbody panels, and other ground effects to achieve that. i believe the stylings look similar, because who would pay 60k for a MBZ, when they could buy a lexus that looks similar for 45k? its all marketing and such (which i admittedly know very little about as im an engineering student) which seems to make the most sense as the solution to this problem

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