Now you all go buy a Tesla!

Discussion in 'General Automotive Discussion' started by kevin1244, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. kevin1244

    kevin1244 Formula Junior

    Mar 7, 2008
    Northern California
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  2. JimPVB

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    Apr 24, 2016
    Good for them....personally no interest.:)

  3. johnr265

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    Jul 1, 2010
    Fascinating. Actually, my wife owns one. I am occasionally envious of the stealth with which you can attain ridiculous speeds without attracting the ire and attention of everything within a five mile radius (police included). No such thing in a red Ferrari :p! Also, the statement "officer I had no idea I was going that fast because it's so quiet" actually works sometimes (but again, never in the red Ferrari)!
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  4. kevin1244

    kevin1244 Formula Junior

    Mar 7, 2008
    Northern California
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    I actually like the Model X. IMO, it's an attractive design and anyone who owns one that I have talked to, they love the car.
  5. LVP488

    LVP488 F1 Rookie

    Jan 21, 2017
    Btw today (since its IPO) Ferrari is completely separated from FCA so that would not help us...
  6. Twosherpaz

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    Feb 25, 2014
    Thermal, California. USA.
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    Only car I ever test drove that I turned around early to return car to dealership. Yes, I did Ludicrous mode from a standing stop more than once. It felt heavy, lifeless and utterly boring.

    My giggling Ferrari dealer also took me out in the SUV one once and made me sick on a short drive by flooring it a couple times. No sound and instant g force.
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  7. Eilig

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    Aug 31, 2001
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    I have zero interest in a transport appliance, nor will I ever.
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  8. fatbillybob

    fatbillybob F1 World Champ
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    Aug 10, 2002
    cool less negative impact on diesel trucks I like to own. nothing like cummins diesel
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    LARRYH F1 Veteran
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    Jun 3, 2011
    virginia usa
    I love it ...this way the people worrying about burning gasoline in cars can buy Teslas then Tesla the company can sell emissions credits to companies like fiat chysler and they can in turn sell us Gas burners like the NA V12 Ferrari....
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  10. dustman

    dustman F1 Rookie

    Jun 12, 2007
    On my second Ludicrous S far best cars ever owned. Simply brilliant, and never one day out of service, zero costs. Not a better DD in traffic esp SoCal.

    For serious car fix, of course I love the exotics! Let’s be real! And the louder the better.

    But I simply cannot fathom wasting money on an BMW or Benz or Merc instead.
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  11. andrewecd

    andrewecd Formula Junior
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    Dec 17, 2006
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    Just drove my DD model S 600km overnight trip on freeway and country roads (I put a spare wheel in the back) north of Sydney.
    Cost $0. Free supercharging along the way, auto pilot, effortless power, quiet, 3G connection. Never even had to touch the brakes with the battery regen. Had a mechanic mate come along, who loves his ICE cars and he was amazed. Most comfortable trip he has ever had.
  12. Shack

    Shack Formula 3
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    May 2, 2005
    Ordered the Model 3 for a DD - can't wait
  13. Art138

    Art138 Formula Junior
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    Nov 22, 2007
    Ft. Lauderdale
    Great city car...I have one.
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  14. sampelligrino

    sampelligrino Formula Junior

    Apr 16, 2017
    have a model x and for a mindless comfortable DD it is great IMO. It is not without bugs/quirks/issues, especially as one of the first ones to be built (signature edition), but I agree if someone has the opportunity to seriously consider a Tesla for a DD I would encourage them to at least test drive it. Key words were mindless and comfortable there

    If you want to be that guy or you are that guy who DDs his GT3RS or Scud or gated anything etc (hats off to you) a Tesla should not replace your DD.
  15. dustman

    dustman F1 Rookie

    Jun 12, 2007
    I should clarify...I do not like the non P and D models of Tesla.
    Model 3 performance was ok, I’m just used to the pull of the S.
  16. stardoc

    stardoc Formula Junior

    May 5, 2005
    The big oven
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    K RA
    I was a Tesla non believer until I got the model X P100. Yes, there's no personality, but its features and technology are so far ahead of everything else I've owned (check out self presenting doors) that it's my go to car for just getting around on weekend. My other DD is a Giulia Quadrifoglio. It's also fun embarrassing random super bikes off the light while lugging your giggling kids in the back.
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  17. v35

    v35 Karting
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    May 15, 2013
    Southern California
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    I was also a Tesla hater until I realized there's no better DD for the purpose of getting you around in traffic. Just ordered my Model S last week and will take delivery this week. Still able to get my petrol fix from my 458 and my wife's Porsche Macan S.
  18. Surfah

    Surfah Formula 3

    Dec 20, 2011
    Agree 100%. Drove the S and X, completely devoid of emotion. Appliance is a perfect description.
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  19. italiafan

    italiafan F1 Veteran

    Jul 19, 2006
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    Stickbones Swagglesmith
    Nothing is free...
  20. Shadowfax

    Shadowfax Formula 3

    Jun 10, 2016
    Tesla is like buying a washing machine or clothes dryer....except it has a steering wheel.....that's the only real difference.
  21. Shadowfax

    Shadowfax Formula 3

    Jun 10, 2016
    Yeah I bet you're having sleepless nights. Bro if you're looking for sympathy you've come to the wrong place.:D
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  22. Jaguar36

    Jaguar36 Formula Junior

    Nov 8, 2010
    Cherry Hill, NJ
    I love how my S feels, nothing like the ridiculous instantaneous power. It makes me giggle every time. I love driving it, the smooth, effortless speed that it makes is amazing.

    Ohh and my wife's 5 year old S just got a few new features via a software update! That's a far cry from BMW/MB/Audi basically disown you the instant you leave the lot.
  23. CT Audi Fan

    CT Audi Fan Formula Junior

    Oct 23, 2011
    Say what you will about Tesla, but it would be hard to argue that Tesla isn’t solely responsible for expediting the onset of mainstream electric vehicles by 10 if not 20 years.

    Introducing a $100k+ car that could hit 60 in less than 3 seconds and embarrass virtually everything at the drag strip first, rather than an affordable 35k urban transport was pure marketing genius. Company would never have gotten off the ground if it was just another Volt or Prius or whatever.

    And yes, I agree that there is much more to a car than 0-60 times and I imagine autonomous driving is the last thing anyone on FChat would care for, but ... if someone told you just 10 years ago that in 2019 we would have a street legal electric car that could literally drive itself and change lanes itself and take exits itself few of us would have believed it.

    Don’t have to like them but you gotta tip your hat and acknowledge the amazing achievement.

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  24. Shadowfax

    Shadowfax Formula 3

    Jun 10, 2016
    Please mods move this awful thread off the Ferrari section!!
  25. dustman

    dustman F1 Rookie

    Jun 12, 2007

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