O/T best things to do at Monaco grand prix ??

Discussion in 'Europe' started by mac355gts, Mar 28, 2005.

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    Repost from uk section
    would appreciate any thoghts from the euro guys.

    Was wondering if anyone could help me with some hints as to where to go and things to do during the Monaco gp weekend ??
    Ideally looking for any ideas around restaurants that you can book tables at for during the race,but still get all of the sounds (and some of the sites of the cars).
    Not that keen on just buying a grandstand seat as I am not sure how much you can really see anyway.
    Thanks in advance for any sugestions
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    Hi Alan,

    I can recomand you this place ( ). I've been there a few times already (not yet during a F1-weekend though), the food and atmosphere were always really good. Very positive experiences and a great view on the Monaco-harbor! They are offering places during the GP, and are located really in the middle of the action. Unfortanetly I don't know if they are already fully booked for the oncoming race?

    When you're in Monaco, don't hesitate to take a look at the Ferrari dealer over there, it's very close to the harbor!
    Some nice restaurants (without F1-view) are also located on the rock, near the Palace!
    All restaurants and some more useful info can be found here...

    Off course, there are always nice things to be seen in Monaco :D The Monte-Carlo Casino aso... but it's obvious that some places are probably difficult to reach during the race :)
    Exclusive car sightings will be very high! :D

    No matter what you decide, have a great trip!
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    Thanks for the quick responses and suggestions.
    Will follow them up later this week.
    Any more suggestions or observations are very welcome.
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    Don't expect anything for a normal price during the F1 weekend. All places with a view at the track are sold for ridiculous prices. Usually they sell out quickly. This is THE grand prix where only (a lot of) money opens the right doors.
    Nevertheless it is a great happening!
    Good luck!
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    Apr 20, 2004
    Things to do and see in Monaco---in no particular order

    Get to Rosies and TipTop for libations of your choice. Passport stamps used to be available at Rosies.

    Best Restaurant for the GP would be Rascasse.
    La Condamine
    Quai antoine 1er
    98000 Monaco
    Good luck getting a table. It is about five feet off of the trackside.

    Don't know if the teams still set up on the Quai Riva, but it was always fun to wonder through the "tent city". Drivers show up once in a while.....and are generally mobbed.

    If you feel like dressing up and losing some more money, go to the Casino.

    The best fun is getting to town on Wednesday in a rental car and doing laps of the GP circuit (oncoming traffic still there, but it is still fun). Early morning walk of the circuit is also interesting.

    Tour the Grimaldi Palace, if that is of interest. Free views of the track from the Palace grounds.

    Everything in Monaco is expensive...and expensive is doubled during the Grand Prix. Forget the cost and enjoy the ride!

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