Oil Change with Mity Vac, Mondial 1984

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    Here is a write up on how I replaced the oil with a MityVac pump without having to crawl under the car.

    Note: The original doc is in the zip file at the end of the posting. I'm still trying to figure out how to use this editor.

    I have been using this in my Land Cruisers, motor home, lawn mower for some time and now in my Mondial.

    What made me decide for this particular model is that it has the option of sucking the oil out as well as pumping it out. The pump out is what I use to measure how much oil comes out so I don’t have to guess how much to put back in. This is particularly useful when I replace the automatic transmission fluid of my other vehicles.

    It is a MityVac, model 7201. It was about $75, on line. Well worth it. There are less expensive models without the valve for pumping the oil out. But after dealing with oil for many years, I am tired of cleaning up spills.

    The machine has a tube that suctions the oil from the dip stick tub. Just remove the dip stick, insert the tube, pump and it sucks out the oil. The machine is one big hand operated vacuum cleaner.

    Before doing this, run the engine so it warms up and mixes the oil. More sediments come out this way and the thinner oil is easier to suck out.

    Cover the vehicle. While the machine is clean, there are drops of oil come out as you remove the tube from the engine.

    Now it is time to replace the oil filter. Remove the small rubber tube over the filter (remember to put it back on).

    I wrapped a nylon bag around the filter prior to finally removing it. In case any drops of oil might drip out.

    There is some oil in the cavity that holds the oil filter. I used the MityVac to suck it out. I cleaned the cavity. Looks new!

    After sucking out the oil from the cavity, I re-inserted the MityVac in the dip stick tube. Some more oil came out.

    After I couldn’t suck any more oil out of the engine, the tank in the MityVac is almost full. Move the valve on the side to pump. (I never remember if it is up or down, I just experiment)

    This is the beauty of this machine. I can pump the oil directly into containers for disposal, no dripping. And I get to measure how much oil came out. In my case: 6.2 qts of oil. It is a 1984 Mondial QV, US model. The MityVac holds up to 8 quarts of oil.

    Before putting the oil filter back on, I put some oil inside to lessen the amount of time the engine is running dry. As I put some in, I would rotate the filter around so the oil would soak the paper filter inside. I kept on putting oil and putting the filter upside down just before it started dripping out.

    Put a thin coat of oil on the filter’s O ring to aid turning it.

    I then placed the filter back on the engine, when the rubber O-ring made contact, ¾ turn more.

    For putting the new oil in the engine, I tried different funnels. The best and quickest approach I came with was with a two liter soda bottle, with the bottom cut off. The neck fits perfect in the valve cover hole.

    I placed towels to help clean spills and poured the oil in. I knew that I had to put in 6.2 qts. It was right on.

    Put the oil cap back on. Re-insert the dip stick, start the engine, let the oil warm up, shut off the engine, wait 15 minutes and look at the level. In my case, I started with the oil right on the mark before the oil change and after the oil change I was back right on the mark.

    I didn’t time it, but from start to finish, pictures in between, it was no more than 20 to 30 minutes.

    Writing this post took by far longer!!! How do I insert pictures in the middle of the text?
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