Options for window rubber "stoppers" at the bottom of the door?

Discussion in 'Mondial' started by Albert Penello, Mar 3, 2020.

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    Albert J Penello, Jr.
    I'm getting my window mechanisms all lubed up and installing the accelerators.

    one thing I noticed is that the rubber bumpers at the bottom of the window are super squished and old. I think having a better, newer bumper down there will prevent the windows from bottoming out.

    Has anyone pulled/measured these and have ideas on an alternative?
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  3. QV308

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    Jan 1, 2006
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    Albert, I replaced these rubber stops on my 308 QV (the Mondial QV uses the same window stop - p/n 40195703) with the same OE ones, and the new part gives sufficient support / protection.

    A nice fresh set of these OE stoppers would do the trick. My old ones were creased (but not flattened) from the bottom edge of the window glass, but not badly enough to contact the metal surface. Here's a pic of one of the old ones in situ (apologies for rubbish pic, it's the only one I could find :().
    Image Unavailable, Please Login

    There were also some additional pieces of high density grey foam running along this bottom window shelf / plate on both my doors, but I never knew if this was the past owner's modification, or it was an addition at the factory that isn't mentioned in any of the spare parts catalogues. See the last few images in the old thread:


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