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Discussion in 'Asia' started by steved033, Sep 7, 2019.

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    Steve D.
    I'm visiting Osaka on business for 2 weeks. Does anyone have recommendations on things to see/do. I think I'll have evenings and one full day. I'll be based out of a hotel in the Umeda district.

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    Mark Oliver
    Hi Steve.
    If you are going between now and the end of October then Japan is hosting the rugby World Cup. If you could get tickets, there are matches in both Osaka and Kobe which is 40 odd minutes by train from Umeda station. Dates are 22,28 Sep and 3,13 Oct in Osaka and 26,30 Sep and 3,8 Oct in Kobe. I would imagine the atmosphere will be really good and quite international. Japanese hospitality will be in full swing anyway and the Kansai people have a reputation for being some of the friendliest in Japan.

    Kobe is worth a visit just to experience real A5 beef (if you are a wealthy meat eater! )
    For a more budget meal, Osaka is the home of Okonomiyaki, which is like a Japanese pizza - sort of. If you would rather watch football (soccer) Vissel Kobe have a team with some fantastic players including Andres Iniesta ex Barcelona.

    If sport is not your thing then Osaka castle is very famous and picturesque and the aquarium by the bay is the biggest in the world-the massive main tank has 2 whale sharks in it!

    If you have a full day though, may I suggest you get the train to Kyoto. Again it is a short journey but Kyoto is the most historic city in Japan and has a multitude of temples and other sights. Try walking the philosopher’s path and maybe the Kyomisudera (sp) temple. If you are lucky then the autumn leaf change will have got far enough South that you will see all the amazing maples in their full glory.

    Feel free to PM me if you would like more specifics. I’m sure you will have a good time.

    PS the main bar area in Osaka is Namba!!!



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