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    i am trying to find a an Oscar forum,

    I was driving home from a hill climb in Italy the vanesca Silver Flag

    and on the way back i bumped into a chap on a petrol staation forecourt while we were rebuilding the chain drive transmission on my freinds car. This chap had this beautiful little Osca on a trailer. We got chatting, and i noted his car had 14" wheels, and i work with pirelli and there classic range of tyres. so i told this chap that we had a tyre in for production that was what he needed for his car 145HR14 Pirelli Cinturato

    I was hoping to some how let Osca owners know that there was actually a goood tyre for their cars. I was wanting to find some forum or club. does anyone have a clue where i might find some technical details about Osca?

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