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Our Track, Your Car

Discussion in 'Texas' started by AnotherDunneDeal, Feb 9, 2004.

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    Jun 2, 2003
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    James Dunne
    Panoz Racing School shared our display at the Fort Worth Auto Show and I spent quite a lot of time speaking with them about a program they have call "Our Track, Your Car". It is designed to allow you to use your car on the track at TMS. It consists of (4) 10 lap sessions either on the infield course or (4) 10 lap sessions on the combined infield/high bank (ALMS) track. It is supervised with off-track and on-track instruction. The cost is $95.00 for the infield course and $185.00 for the combined (ALMS) track.

    This sounds like a really good, basically inexpensive way to get some seat time at TMS. This would give everyone an opportunity to get to drive another track other than Motorsport Ranch or TWS.

    They also said that they could make the Panoz Facilities available for the FCA folks to hold meetings there, have receptions, run rallies or poker runs beginning or ending there, whatever........... They are very receptive to working with all the Ferrari guys on setting something up. Check out the link below:


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