Paragraph & picture in story on appropriate Pebble concours clothing

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    Feb 15, 2008
    I ws trying to wear all white, like Tom Wolfe, but again remembered too late the jacket I chose to bring is more ivory compared to the ice box white of the pants. Is that a sin in the world of well dressed men? My leathter shoes though had a purposeful mis-match of ivory & white. Hat brim on straw hat is, on retrospect, a bit narrow brimed. Need three inch wide lower brim. And i fogot to look for orchid for the jacket lapel--that was Gulbulkian's signature, he a sartorial leader in UK from late '30s through '50s. Let me know if there's any interest jn a description of him and his attitude toward style. The white gloves? Hey, if they were good enough for Mickey Mouse....
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