Paris/Italy (mostly Sicily) April 2022 - w/ small kids

Discussion in 'Travel' started by VAF84, Jan 13, 2022.

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    It is looking like I'll have a long enough break between projects to take a trip to Europe in March or April, so I'm doing some research in case we can pull it off. Italy (Florence, maybe Rome, Sicily) ranks high on the list. We'd considered Paris too in order to take advantage of the lighter tourist crowds, but their CV protocols sound more stringent and confusing. Well, actually they are all somewhat confusing.

    Anyway, my wife and I are vax'd/boosted, but kids 5 and 2 are not. I keep hearing about this green pass everyone needs to have, does this affect the kids?

    In general, is there anything we'd miss out on, by going during this time frame, assuming current CV rules? By that I mean restaurants being closed, museums shut downs, etc? Or is it all generally open and business as usual.

    How stringent is masking? Are children expected to keep theirs on? I'm assuming it will be more likely to be enforced in the urban areas, museums, and such. However, I feel like Sicily would probably be more relaxed about these things and operating more normally. Is this assumption correct?

    I'm just trying to get a feel for things, and see if making a trip there will be enjoyable once we get past these hurdles.
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    Marc Sonnery
    You need to merge your thread with the big Italy and Coronavirus thread. No need for two mirror threads. If a moderator does not intervene just copy and paste your post in that thread...which you should read as it has tons of wisdom for you exactly on the points you ask about. evolves constantly and there is no selfish immaturity about masks here: you comply but you are free to pull it off the second you step outside.
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    @Nembo1777 Thanks for the tip. I wasn't sure which of the threads they would fall on, and whether they would be seen there so I opted to create this one. Happy to merge if a moderator will do so. I'm not sure which would get the best answers, but probably the Covid one.

    Understood on the constantly evolving, but I think it's unlikely to get worse than it is now, so this is a good time to check on that. It sounds like you're saying that indoor masking is compulsory, but not outdoors. I'm more worried about having to keep the kid's masked as it will be a major pain to get them to keep them on. Hopefully someone will chime in for the Sicilians, my guess is still that the further south one goes, the more laid back it will be; but I could be completely wrong.
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    Was in Sorrento in Sept. prior to this craziness and they pretty much followed protocols in regards to masks and checking your vaccine status (if dining inside), especially if you were using any public transportation. FCO, at that time, you had to cue getting into the airport checking your reservation confirmation and your test results on your phone. Then you were allowed to get beyond that check point and go to your check in area.
    Again that was Sept. of 2020. Spent 3 days in Rome, pretty much the same thing.
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    Thanks for the tip! I'm starting to think I may push this back until September or October after my next project is complete. My schedule is getting complicated, and it will buy my 2 year old some time to be a little older and hopefully easier to manage. He'll be 3 if I wait, and maybe the mask situation will change on flights for kids under 5. Aside from duct taping it to his face, I don't think there's any way I can keep a mask on him for what will be easily more than 12 hours of airports and flights in one day.
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