For Sale Parting With A Few Fender Guitars

Discussion in 'Other Parts & Collectibles' started by XENU, Sep 22, 2018.

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    I am clearing out my closet of duplicate guitars in my collection. All are unplayed in as new condition.
    They are consigned at Roman Guitars here in Las Vegas.

    I will happily answer any questions or contact Scott at Roman Guitars @ (702) 597-0147.

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    Beautiful guitars! Love the Jaguar and Jazzmaster. Classic looks on those two! But I'm guessing the Tele will sell first!
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    GLWS--I have one I'd like to sell also. Not sure what it is worth.
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    The Leroi Brothers Band in Austin really champions the Jazzmasters...
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    Adding a couple of Gibson Custom Shop Guitars

    1960 Corvette is one of three in silver. Uncatalogued

    Webslinger 1 signed by Stan Lee serial #3

    Both have custom shop cases and certificates.

    Message me for more info, I haven't taken them down to Romans yet.

    Coming soon a matched pair of PRS McCarty Hollow body II. One tiger, one curly 10 tops and backs. fully loaded.
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    Steve M
    Looking forward to seeing those.
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