For Sale Patek Philippe Amagnetic 3417 wrist watch

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    Selling my Patek Philippe Amagnetic 3417 wrist watch manufactured in 1960. Serial # 728998, case #2610411, 12-400. 18 jewels, adjusted to heat, cold 150 chronish & 5 position. Approximately 11mm thick including crystal. Black Patek leather strap.

    Full service by Patek in Geneva in 2009, receipt included. Purchased Patek black leather strap in 2011, receipt included. Dial replaced and service completed by Patek in Geneva 12/15. Note the font used for “Almagnetic” is not an exact match to the original. Also included is the “Extract from the Archives” which states the watch was manufactured in 1960 and sold in July 1960. Also states “type of dial” not mentioned. High resolution photos available.

    Price: $22,000.

    Inspection can be arranged through local watch shop. Local pickup or shipped to U.S. address only.
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