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Discussion in '348/355' started by Patrik550, Feb 14, 2019.

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    I was chatting on the 550 forum about my "Michael Schumacher-edition" car, where I posted a copy of the brochure that was provided by Scaglietti with information on what options Michael's car had. In the same brochure, they also describe Pinnifarina's 456GTA and Paul Cayard's 355GTS. On the last pages you you see a list of the options provided.
    Would be interesting to know if anyone in this forum happen to own a "Paul Cayard"-edition? Would be fun to know if one exist.
    See link here:
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    Supposedly Michael Schumacher's 355 had special cams and tuning that enabled it to rev to 10,000rpm.

    That's something I think a lot of people would love to do to their 355's!
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    If that is in fact true, id love to know the power output, since horsepower is essentially work done in time and 10k rpm would be an eye opener. Get out the calculators!
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    subscribed to see if anyone has data
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    Really, all you would need is the cam specs and you could probably get one of the many camshaft manufactures like comp cams to grind some cams. I would imagine it would need some stiffer valve springs

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