For Sale Performance Brakes RB 2pc Front Rotors (pair) - Ferrari 456GT 95-97

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    1995-97 Ferrari 456GT 6-speed models are equipped with TEVES brakes, which require the front rotors to be 315x32mm. That isn't the case with GTA or later 456M models, where the front rotors measure 330x32mm and clear a newer, larger BREMBO caliper.

    After looking for a replacement pair of front rotors I can tell you without the shade of a doubt that sourcing 315x32mm rotors at a reasonable price can't be any more difficult than locating an arms dealer willing to sell a briefcase filled with enriched plutonium. Ferrari OEM rotors (part #141330) sell at eye-watering prices anywhere between $950 to $2000 for each disk. I swear, one dealer actually provided a written cost estimate of $2000/rotor.

    This set of two front rotors are made by Performance Brakes. They are based in California and make rotors as well as other performance equipment for a variety of vehicles. Long story short, they produce high-quality replacement rotors for this application. These are two-piece, open-slot rotors that, truth be told, are a piece of artwork.

    - The rotor is directional (with convergent curved vanes) vs. OE's non-directional (pillar vanes): better air circulation resulting cooler operating temperature.
    - Alloyed iron vs. OE's regular iron: stronger brake torque with lasting performance and more resistant to wear.
    - Disc surface (including the inner vanes) is coated with EDP vs. OE's plain surface: prevent from undesirable rusting/corrosion therefore extends the life and serviceability.
    - Weight saving: rotor rings save you ~5 lbs per rotor over stock: lighter weight = quicker pedal response and higher braking efficiency.

    I just sold my 1997 456GT and I am now relinquishing a few replacement parts I had accumulated while owning the car. These two brake rotors are brand new, still in their original box. The box was opened so that they could be installed to verify fitment but were never used on the road. What appears as brake dust in the (overexposed) images below is just light surface oxidation.

    $480 + shipping via Fedex Ground. PayPal preferred. Please PM for more information.

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    I'm definitely interested but a little confused...maybe it's me but these definitely look used. There is clearly lots of brake dust (even a thumbprint or two) and plenty of circular pad grooves as well. How long were they left on the car to check fitment? What happened after fitment was verified? Were the old rotors were put back on to sell the car? Please don't take my questions as attempting to be contentious at all, just questions that have come up.

    I, for one, don't mind at all if they are used so please tell me if they are and how many miles are on them. Do you have pads to go with the rotors?

    I've seen your listing on eBay for rebuilt ignition wires too, definitely interested in that as well.


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