performance driving schools at age 16 or 17?

Discussion in 'Tracking & Driver Education' started by speedingpenguin, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. speedingpenguin

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    Apr 6, 2004
    Well i'm 16 now, 17 in December...just curious to know if there are any performance type driving schools that are geared more toward younger guys who want to learn about driving and controling cars while racing and stuff? At a track of course, but with street cars, none of those open wheel go-kart type things, lol
    I thought I remember hearing something on Speed TV a while back (probably last yhear) about a BMW driving school that had something like that? anyone know anything about it or anything else? thanks
  2. SefacHotRodder

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    Dec 20, 2003
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    wow. you like read my mind. I'm 16, will be 17 in november. I plan to take a skip barber 3 day racing school next summer. $4k. I can't wait :) :) :) :)
  3. SefacHotRodder

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    Dec 20, 2003
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    expensive and in Germany. 2 reasons why you should look closer to home ;)
  4. Mr Payne

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    Jan 8, 2004
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    Do you have a car to drive?
  5. Brian C. Stradale

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    Mar 17, 2002
    Dallas, TX, USA
  6. PSk

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    Why not buy a cheap race series car and start racing at club level. You will learn so much more (over time). Something like a Formula Vee.

    In Australia you can even run a slightly modified saloon car in some club race series.

    You don't have to be Rubins Barrichello on your first day or race ... and if you have a brain and are truly interested in going fast and getting faster you will learn.

  7. cairns

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    Nov 13, 2003
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    George Williams
    Better yet buy a used 944, join your local Porsche club and enjoy Driver's Education events. You'll have a great handling, safe and reliable car that you can use every day and on the race track. You can learn driving skills in a safe, controlled environment and learn what driving a car at its (and your) limits is all about- on a budget within the reach of any hardworking teenager.

    If you know anyone with a Porsche, ask them to try to get you in a High Performance Driving Clinic (HPDC) just for a start. Most clubs put them on as a prelude to DE events. You don't need to drive a Porsche at these events- the family Volvo will do just fine and might even be more enlightening but you do need a club member who owns a Porsche to get you in.
  8. Apex

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    Dec 1, 2003
    There are several choices across the country; PCA, BMW CCA, AUDI, SKIPPY, BONDURANT... At your age many of the clubs will not accept you (until 18) even with a waiver while almost all of the pay/play outfits would love to have you. As far as pricing is concerned the best values are BMW CCA, PCA, AUDI... SKIPPY AND BONDURANT are excellent programs, but pricey. Over all the BMW clubs programs are very similar throughout the country including Canada. If you already have a sponsor by all means buy a Pcar to dabble with. If you are funding this out of your own pocket any reliable german car will do...
  9. Gatorrari

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    Feb 27, 2004
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    Jim Pernikoff
    In recent months, RACER magazine has devoted a section in each issue to karting and other entry-level forms of racing. It might be a good idea to pick up a copy and see what they have to offer.

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