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Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by ozan458, Sep 26, 2018.

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    hi everyone

    Im new to the Ferrari world I have a 458 Italia 64 plate its time for me to get a performance exhaust i just love that old skool F1 v8 engine sound that comes from the novitec system. iv been doing research on performance exhausts and race cats. im getting my forza controller fitted nextweek so it can work together with my novitec system. i will be buying the novitec rear box and the 100cell race cats next year January. but my main reason for this post is im trying to find out peoples views and experience with the mini catsand the odb cat delete simulator to stop the evil engine light from coming on. do they really work.

    I know that novitec capristo and akrapovic all do the odb cat delete simulator I would love to hear peoples views on these products. aswell as the mini cats do they work and which ones to buy.

    I dont want to tune my car because it still under warranty i have spoken to my local Ferrari HR owen garage they dont have a problem with me fitting the novitec system they said as long as the engine light dont come on they will turn a blind eye to your exhaust system.

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