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Discussion in '348/355' started by ClydeM, Apr 6, 2013.

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    I know you have a lot of track experience and have watched many of your vids.. I have zero tract experience.

    I realize the coach is there for a reason..

    after watching this vid and many other random vids with instructors.. I feel the same way every time.. that it seems would be so distracting..

    if it was me in the car.. I feel I would lose complete concentration..? trying to concentrate driving, shifting and being shout at..?
    I don't know if its not the same in real life.. but watching sure as heck feels like it..
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    Barry Wolinsky

    Much of the coach's commentary is there to help this serve as an instructional video for my own future reference. This was my first time at Sebring and I won't get there again until early next year. It will be a good refresher video for me to watch at that time. There is plenty of out-of-the-car instruction involved with a driver's introduction to a new track. In-the-car coaching is typically less verbose. Peter London was merely saying what I was already doing and was not distracting at all.

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    Barry Wolinsky
    And there were a few things that happened that I didn't catch on video like the right rear tire that went flat going into Turn 17 leading onto the front straight, the bumpiest part of the track...

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    Mtechnologia out of Japan.
    Very nice piece

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    awesome, thank you!
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    Robert DiStasio
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    Sorry about the duplicate photos. I’ll change my name to “thumbs” for my next post.
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