Pictures from Cavallino Classic 2004

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    Hi everyone!
    I just spent a few days down in Miami and W. Palm Beach for the Cavallino Classic. It was a great show. Personally, I FULLY enjoyed the track day at Moroso Raceway much more than the concours, but the display of cars was quite impressive!

    Here's the link:

    I got a chance to meet up again with (and met some for the very first time) many other F-Chatters including:

    Martin (Cavallino Motors)... you da man.
    Paul Bianco (Jupiter, FL)
    Jerry (Tork1966) jr and sr. (from FL)
    Brent and his brother from DexM (Michigan)
    Rob Baylor (Ultimate Pedals)
    Robin O. (from Tampa/DC)
    Nika!! ... & Mike Louli (He REALLY drove his enzo as it was intended on the track on friday!! woo-hoo!)
    Chris Parr (wow, what a rig!... Chris, that is so cool)
    Sandy/Peter (from New Brunswick, BC!)
    Barton Workman (Photographer extraordinaire )
    Pedro (from the squids grp in FL)
    David C. (from the squids grp in FL)
    Steve (from the squids grp in FL)
    Rob Cohen (from Dallas)
    The 2 Mikes from LNS & Fuzzy from Exoticars Pittsburgh (nice 330GTC!)

    ... and many, too many names to list!!

    Many from all over... some from Canada, Vermont, Michigan, Tennessee, Dallas... you name it!

    My pictures are from the track day on friday (1/23), Concours event at the Breakers (1/24), Lunch at Chuck & Harold's (thanks Paulie for setting that up!)... I didn't get shots of cars in the parking lot, but there are a few good ones here:

    NOTE: I have higher resolution shots of all the pictures in the album. Please email me privately if you would like one... I am still out of town, so won't be able to send them via dialup, but can send them to you next weekend when I return home.


    Attached is just one of the masterpieces that I saw this weekend?
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    Great Photos Byron, Chris' rig was quite impressive, Its a real Land yacht in the best sense of the word & Chris is a real gentleman.

    There were I think 4 1970 512S race cars there, very impressive. I'll have to get a ride in 1 of those 1 of these days

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