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Discussion in '458 Italia/488/F8' started by C50, Sep 4, 2020.

  1. C50

    C50 Formula 3

    Aug 19, 2016
    Interesting discussion re 812 oil level and The experience some members have had needing to add not insignificant amounts to bring the oil level up to minimum recommended standard.

    I’m curious to hear if any one with Pista, or even recently delivered f8, has checked their own oil level and found it in need of significant top-off.

    in light of the change in service intervals with oil change now being determined by software/usage recommendation as opposed to with every annual service, I wonder if this is a more common problem than we are aware.

    812 thread here
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  3. FFan5

    FFan5 Formula Junior

    Jul 7, 2018
    Isn't the 812 NA? Large NA motors needing oil isn't anything new, especially with higher compression ratios (I've been told). I have had a 4.8L Porsche and 6.2L Merc that both drank oil. Keep some in the trunk, put it in when the light comes on every thousand miles or so. No biggie.
  4. C50

    C50 Formula 3

    Aug 19, 2016
    Oil consumption over time and with use is not the concern.
    The concern is the car being delivered and/or returning from first scheduled service (after low miles) with below-min oil level.
  5. Art138

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    Nov 22, 2007
    Ft. Lauderdale
    I checked mine and no discernible usage at 800 plus miles. Two different engines.
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