Pneumatic lift system

Discussion in 'Challenge/GT Cars' started by hezgon, Oct 25, 2018.

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    So I was using the pneumatic lift system on the 360 challenge and the rear lift blew out at the track. The replacement is about $3500. Trying to find a used one was... well not going to happen. I found AirJax in FL. Their lift fits exactly inside the existing tube of the OEM. Leighton (the owner) cut the existing tube, placed the new one inside, tightened it all down and walla. Replacement with an upgraded lift for 20% of the OEM using the existing brackets. Saved $$ = more tires!
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    Nice. I looked at putting an air lift on my 360C when I had it. Got a quote for parts, etc. Would have been great but didn’t do it.

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