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    A traveling salesman had been on the road for two months and
    was finally on his way home. Feeling bad about having been away
    from his children so long, he decided to buy them a gift. So
    he stopped by a pet store and bought them a cute little puppy.

    Unfortunately, he was stopped on his way in by a stewardess who
    told him, "I'm sorry sir, but we don't allow animals."

    In desperation, the man popped into the men's room and stuffed
    the puppy down the front of his pants, and put his overcoat on
    to cover up. Then he reboarded the plane.

    The plane took off, and a half-hour later, the stewardess was
    making her rounds when she noticed that the salesman was looking
    pale and fidgeting in his seat. She asked if he was alright,
    and he said that he was just feeling a little airsick.

    However, fifteen minutes later, she noticed that he was sweating
    and squirming his seat. The stewardess came back and asked
    again if the salesman was alright.

    He answered, "Well, actually, you know that puppy that you said
    I couldn't bring on the plane? I stuffed it in my pants and
    brought it onboard anyway."

    "But sir," said the stewardess, "Why do you look so ill?"

    "Well, apparently the darned thing isn't weaned yet."


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