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    The Car Nut
    I have been working on the air conditioner of my 1980 Kyalami which appears to have not worked for many years. I flushed the system, changed the compressor oil to ester and replaced the receiver dryer. As part of the conversion to 134a I got rid of isobaric valve and installed a binary switch on the dryer. The results so far have been positive as I am getting 42 degrees F (6 degrees C) air at the registers.

    I am not happy with the volume of air coming out of the registers and wish to significantly increase it. It appears the Kyalami ventilation system is the same as the QP3 of the same era. Do QP3 owners with this system have the same problem I am encountering? Has anyone found a fix?
    This ventilation system appears to have come from an American car, any idea which?


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    Michael Demyanovich
    Hello Ivan... Looks like progress is being made on the Kyalami - very nice! If I remember correctly, the QP3
    climate system underwent a change between 1980 and 1982, at least as the climate controls are concerned.
    In your picture you show round knobs for control, whereas my 1982 QP3 has the slide and push button
    controls the same as the earlier Biturbo's. Unfortunately, I cannot say definitively what the changes were
    in total, but my climate system does not fully match what is in both the QP3 Parts manual and the US
    Parts manual supplement. If helpful, I can probably get a picture of what I see as a difference. But it
    seems changes were made between these years, perhaps due to the issue you are encountering.

    Can you provide the information on which dryer and binary switch you used? Might be helpful to both
    QP3 and Kyalami owners to have that info!

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    Apr 22, 2006
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    The Car Nut
    Hi Mike,

    This climate control system was used on the DeTomaso Longchamp, then the Kyalami and finally on the early QP3. I suspect it came from the Ford parts bin due to DeTomaso's affiliation with Ford, but I have no proof. I am aware that later QP3 have a different climate control system, maybe it was an improvement.

    Initially AC connections used flared fittings, now the fittings use the green type o-rings. My Kyalami has mostly o-ring fittings, with flare fittings on the compressor, which is a bit odd. You need to examine the type of fittings on you QP3 and if they are male or female. For example, the Kyalami dryer has a male o-ring fitting in one port and a female fitting on the other. This is something I had never seen before but found a match for $20 on ebay. This drier provides a port for the binary switch, most universal driers do.

    Binary switches all seem to have the same threads so I selected one that had two spade connectors.

    I think the only way I will be able to fully fix the Kyalami lack of air flow if to replace the fan motor with something more powerful. This means taking the dash all apart (again) and probably removing the AC/heater box; not sure it is worth all the effort. I am going to wait for a nice hot day and see how the AC works, it may be good enough.

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    Jun 21, 2005
    Replaced Bora's FM with a Merak 4 speed one!
    Worth the hassle IMO!

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    Elliot M. Siegel
    The Merak blower is much better than the Bora unit and MIE did a test for me many years ago that verified that the Merak fan motor is better. It kicks out more CFM than does the Bora fan motor.
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