Question regarding registering kit cars in California

Discussion in 'General Automotive Discussion' started by GoFerrari28, Jan 24, 2010.

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    Hi all. A few weeks ago i was at my local Ford dealership ordering a new Escape, and as my friend the fleet sales rep was taking care of some paperwork, I walked into their showroom where they had a Factory Five Cobra replica. Not that I was interested in buying it, but I was looking at the cockpit and engine bay to see if there was anything interesting, and another sales guy came over to me and said that the car was a great buy, especially since it was already titled here in California and kit cars are notoriously difficlut to get registered in the state. he went on about how California only allows so many kit cars each year to be titled in California and how people camp out at the DMV so they can get their kit cars titled. Not having gone through that process, and considering an Honest Charlie all-steel 32 Ford kit once I finish the B!tchin' Camaro (B!tchin' Camaro, B!tchin' Camaro, I ran over my neighbor..), but I'd hate to drop 40k into a car and then not be able to drive it. Does anyone have any experience with titling kit cars in California?
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    I've never tried it myself but I understand that the trick is to have all the forms filled out and show up at the DMV the night before the first business day of the year and wait for them to open. I think they run out of exemptions quickly so if you saunter in at noon you'll have to wait until next year. Perhaps things have changed in the last year for the better. Either way your timing is probably bad because it's already almost February.

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    Todd Varble
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    If you build or buy a turn-key minus say, Cobra replica and put in a new crate, cats, evap system. No issue. If you want a 1966 style big block side-oiler, step aside and take a number.... GM and SEMA are now implementing a emisions ready/legal crate motor program ( E -Rod LS3; 430 HP)to make titling and registration an easier process. It's all about the emissions, and doing the right thing. The new crates run circles around some of what was the old performance standards as well as being clean and pulling down killer mileage.

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