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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Gatorrari, Apr 16, 2018.

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    Jim Pernikoff
    The Quick Weight Loss Centers are a franchise currently active in Atlanta, Houston and south Florida. I go on their diet whenever I need to and I'm amazed how well it works, even with exercise.

    I started on the diet again exactly a week ago and have already lost 8 pounds, from 231 to 223. And I find the weight will stay off as long as you eat reasonably, even if you no longer stick religiously to the diet. (The biggest things that will undo the diet, I find, are sugary soft drinks and high-fat cheeses.)

    The diet seems to deal with glycemic indices, which explains some of the foods you can and can't eat. For instance, oranges, grapes, pineapple and melons are okay; apples, bananas and tangerines are not. Some veggies are okay, but not peas, corn or carrots. I can't explain it, I just follow along. Some foods can be eaten in moderation, like bread, potatoes, lean steak and fattier fish, while chicken and lean fish can be eaten without restriction.

    They also sell protein bars, drinks, shakes, cereals, soups and vitamins that go along with everything else. If you want a diet that works, do a Google search for "Quick Weight Loss Center" or "QWLC" and try it out.
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    A week later, Update please.
  4. wjw300tt

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    I did a keto diet for 3 weeks lost 5 lbs of fat. Easy to reduce calories as you don't feel hungry. Must take 3 servings of mct oil to maintain energy. At the gym my strenght was down very little. I was surprised how much energy I had all day. Got lots done around the house that week.
  5. Melvin Mobley

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    Melvin V Mobley
    Keto diet is always helpful in loosing weight. I have also tried it once and it gave me much positive result.

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