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Racer supply store in the Bay Area?

Discussion in 'California & Nevada (Northern)' started by lukek, Dec 26, 2003.

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  1. lukek

    lukek Formula 3
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    May 2, 2003
    San Francisco
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    I have recently gone to a couple of events where a a driver's suit was required. There was the (indoor) karting and a friend let me drive his RX7 at a NASA event. I also have a school coming up at SearsPoint. I have had my own helmet, baclava and neck brace for a while, but I have been contemplating getting a driver's suit.

    I have found a thread on this forum, but after reading it I am not sure that I can actually find a dual purpose suit (fire rating for cars, and abrasion rated for karts). I do not go that often, so I am not interested in getting 2 dedicated outfits. I tried to look up Fry's, where used to go to get race gas for my track car (single, Alfa-owning days), but they seem to have vanished a year ago. Is there a racer's supply store in the Bay Area, perhaps on the Peninsula? I want to try on various suits..

  2. Gary(SF)

    Gary(SF) F1 Rookie

    Oct 13, 2003
    Los Altos Hills, CA
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    Gary B.
    I think the Fry's you are referring to is Frey Racing, they are still around, now in Fremont.


    46249 Warm Springs Boulevard
    Fremont, CA 94539
    510 651-3739 (FREY)

    Nothing on the Peninsula that I know of.

  3. ART360

    ART360 Guest

    If you find a dual rated suit, let me know where you got it, and how much. That seems like a great idea.

  4. pig4bill

    pig4bill Karting

    Dec 24, 2003
    This place is in Lafayette.


    They don't have a big storefront like Frey Racing does, but they might have what you want. Call first, and if they have it you'll be able to look at it before buying.

    There are also a couple shops up at Sears Point. Since there's a kart track there, there might be kart supplies in stock.

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