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    As we were kids, filled with youth, toys usually filled our minds and our time. Most of us as car enthusiasts had our toys such as Hot Wheels and Tonka Trucks. Some were fortunate enough to even have “Power Wheels”, amongst some other toys that seemed bigger than life to your adolescent minds. A beauty in life Is when, even as adults, that childlike excitement for these expensive “toys” still fills our hearts with joy and excitement. And with our imagination, shops like TAG Motorsports, some cool minds at the factory, and currency, the inner child in us, can live forever! Knowing that Mercedes decided to help with some of their customer's passion for toys, that never grew old.

    Enter the G550 4x4 squared!! The Sibling of the famous G63 6x6 which sadly isn’t being produced anymore or and never made it to US (besides some grey market cars). And we had to sit there and be teased, while the other kids got to play with this cool toy. SUFFER NO MORE!! As soon as MB USA announced the 4x4 squared was coming to America, we jumped on the phone with our friends at Hoehn Mercedes in Carlsbad and did whatever we had to do, to get one! Spec’d the way we wanted it we couldn’t wait to bring it to our facilities. This was too epic! Fast Forward a few months, and I mean long months, of waiting and planning and she had arrived!!

    While we were waiting, we were plotting, or planning, or both. We wanted to go a little over the top with the finest parts out there we know of. BRABUS!! Even though the car might look subtle, we went over the top in the parts catalog from Brabus. Reference below for the full playlist on Brabus Parts. We had to draw the line somewhere, and that was the full Interior..... We would like to lie to ourselves and say that there was some self-control.

    We spec’d the car in Designo Night which is a matte metallic black color because we knew the carbon fenders would look sinister in matte carbon. So we added some more exterior carbon bits such as the Brabus Carbon Hood, the Brabus Carbon Side Marker Delete, and Brabus Carbon Mirrors. On top of that, we replaced all the OEM front lighting including headlights, DRL’s and Roof Lights to Brabus’ Black Package. Also, as many of you may not know, the Daytime Running lighting on the roof of these trucks are disabled and not even wired in for the US Market so the lights were dummies. We retrofit the OEM wiring harness from the roof through the interior to under the hood (which was a ton of work) and made those cool roof lights functional. Moving to the back, the Brabus rear bumper was a nice addition to the rear giving it a meaner look. Topping it off with the OEM G63 Grille and Brabus “B” the kit was completed. Turning to the chrome, we painted every inch of chrome on the vehicle in Designo Night GLOSS which accented the Matte nicely.

    Many of the pieces are cosmetic, to give the 4x4 some style. But the B40 500HP Power Kit and Valved Exhaust System really turned this truck into an animal and made up for some of what is missing with a G63 version not being offered here in the states. Brabus did a great job of filling that gap. The truck scoots along better, adds the low-end torque to get the massive mass of a truck along and just sounds punishing, as it should! The valved exhaust allowed to have the exhaust louder by simply pushing the UP button on the steering wheel controlled or quieter by pushing the down button. Another very cool but very useful addition was the retractable doorsteps. You DO NOT want to miss a step on this bad boy. Being that the truck is so high, it’s nice to unlock the truck and a step deploys for you to climb in before you open the door even.

    Interior wise, door lock pins, illuminated entrance panels, aluminum paddle shifters and floor mats finished off the truck....

    Our goal was to build one of the most sinister and Brabus complete 4x4’s in the USA, and we are happy with how the results and mission turned out! Make sure to reach out to us for all your 4x4, G wagon, Brabus, and Mercedes needs.

    2017 G550 4x4 Brabus

    -Brabus B40 500HP Power-kit

    -Brabus Valved Exhaust System with Black Tips

    -Brabus Side Steps (Short)

    -Brabus Carbon Fiber Hood

    -Brabus Carbon Fiber Mirrors

    -Brabus Carbon Fiber Fender Attachments for Turn Signals

    -Brabus Lower Bumper Add On With Integrated Turn Signals

    -Brabus Upper Bumper Add On

    -Brabus Black Headlamps

    -Brabus Black LED DRL Lamps

    -Brabus Black LED DRL Roof Lights

    -Brabus Wiring Package for Roof Lights

    -Brabus Rear Bumper

    -Brabus Rear Bumper Center for Widestar

    -Brabus Door Lock Pins

    -Brabus Illuminated Door Steps

    -Brabus Illuminated Trunk Door Still

    -Brabus Floor Mat Set (incl Trunk)

    -Brabus Centercaps for OEM Wheels

    -Brabus Paddle Shift Set

    -Brabus Pedal Kit

    -Brabus Rear Logo

    -Brabus B LogoFor Grille

    -OEM G63 Front Grille

    -TAG Motorsports Black-Out Package







    If you have any questions feel free to contact us HERE
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    What's a Brabus door lock pin?

    Cool truck.
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