Rear ended on December 31st...

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    Gut wrenching!

    hope all will be well! I have Statefarm as well and my last claim - windshield on a 328 ($6800 ) they handled great... it was a bit of a PIT to begin with but went ok.

    I was rear ended in my company car about 2 years ago. lady just hit me not too bad but some scratches etc.. this was in Greenville SC - and she took of - so I followed her for 14 miles - finally got her plate and pic of her, and called the police. she was arrested for DUI an suspended license. damage was only $950 so not a big deal.... but I get what you mean when you think they may run!

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    Between these three claims you are likely to exceed 75% value of your car, which I am guessing is worth $100K-$120K? That's about the threshold insurers use to decide to salvage a car and just write you a check.

    If you haven't done so already, let the agent handling your claim know that you are planning to claim all three so that they do the math now, before attempting to repair your car to the tune of say $60K (the few pics you posted show a good amount of damage), to only then face with your other claims, when it will be too far along in the process to salvage.

    Remember that regardless of how knowledgeable and friendly your insurance agent seems, they are not on your side in this at all.
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    I'm in Alpharetta and have a Lamborghini SuperLeggera. My friend in Roswell had a 550 serviced by an independent in the area and on a test drive totaled the car. State Farm had the coverage and he was more than fairly compensated.
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    I just went through this on a car, and about to do it on another one (yep, got hit twice in two different cars). They got me a ton more than insurance offered. I'm in Atlanta as well.

    Chris just did one for my friend's Speciale, too.
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    Sorry to hear this, that really sucks. The damage doesn't look that bad but you said 45mph which is pretty fast when you consider your car was at a standstill.

    If it was me, I'd be hoping for a really high value so they can salvage it. Selling a Ferrari with an accident on its history isn't easy.
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    I am in Savannah and had Hagerty send my 328 to Ferrari of Atlanta to get looked at when it was hit. GA has laws on frame damage repairs so my 328 was and quick total loss.
    Was with State Farm for decades with no claims or tickets and when I went from muscle cars to exotics they refused to insure as the local idiots down here have that right not to write policies and they DO NOT like car people.

    So have been with Hagerty and Grundy off and on.

    Good luck with state Farm. Get an attorney.
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    Coincidentally that is who the body shop recommended to me as well. I reached out to Chris and they showed up within a day to go over the car with a fine toothed comb. Very impressed with them.
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    Agree. Just got the body repair estimate. $36,000. Now it’s heading to Merlin for engine repair estimate. Surely this is going to run close to $60K in just body and engine repair and that’s not even factoring in diminished value or loss of use. I loved that car too, first ever ferrari. Makes me sick to think about this mess.

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