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    Used to make alot of car models and while sifting around on this site and trying out the MEK and other stuff remembered how I used to remove paint from model cars if I wanted another ''go" at it. Did a google search of "removal of paint from plastic models":

    Lye...aka oven cleaner. I looked at the interior vents on my car and they were trashed. The price of these from Ricambi is ~ 250 USD so didn't have much to loose. So I took them apart as gently as possible (thank goodness for Ferrari "quality" glue) and sprayed Bissell oven cleaner on them. After they soaked for 1 hour a finger nail scrub brush was all that was needed to get the goo off. It came off without damage to the satin finished black plastic...meaning that there is no need to paint anything that is made of plastic. The metal parts that are painted with this goo are best approached by dropping them in MEK, the paint will float off them.

    Be careful pulling apart the side airflow directors if you have a 355. The vanes should be pulled straight out of the clips that they attach to or you risk breaking them.

    I bought one of the very nice heater A/C panel replacements that Pete Delaney had made and is now available from Ricambi. I didn't try using lye on the HVAC panel but will do this if someone has a spare. It is likely that it would remove the paint but not change the bubbling on these poorly made parts.

    Cool, no more goo in the interior, the QV headers are due soon. All I need now is to figure our a good adhesive to reattach the leather cover over the airbag to the fiberglass dash.


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