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    Dec 30, 2017
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    Mark B
    hi everyone

    I have been quoted on the below work, wondered if anyone had views on some of the pricing, it’s clearly a big bill so wanted to see what people thought.

    1. Alarm LED permanently on. Req’s a new siren - £506.63

    2. Drivers wiper arm worn and fouling bonnet and scuttle panel. £487.72

    3. Passenger seat will req removal to address rattle as reported by customer.£108.00

    4. Drivers check strap broken. £198.02

    5. Drivers sun visor loose and falls down.£54.00

    6. Black paint peeling off of oil separator.£216.00 plus paint

    7. Slight chatter from inlet manifold butterflies on idle. Report

    8. Lh washer jet blocked. £2.58

    9. Both A pillar weather seals misaligned and causing wind noise as reported by customer, adjustment of the glass is req’d and possibly new seals. £858.41

    10. All 4 tyres are worn . approx 3-3.5mm left. They’re approx 6 years old.

    11. Several wheel bolts rusty. £57.00 each bolt

    12. Headlamp washers inoperative. Suspect pump? £153.23 plus parts

    13. Engine oil overfilled. – part of the service

    14. Both cooling fans noisy LH more so. these are prone to seizure so I would recommend they’re replaced. £459.64

    15. Pressure tested cooling system, Found coolant hose clip corroded and leaking as reported. replace clip and refill system/test again. Replaced clip, water pump itself is leaking awaiting to see if can price a used unit otherwise cost to split apart and rebuild is £620.57

    16. Emergency fuel flap T lever missing and release cable is loose and adrift. req’s new lever and re-securing. £11.40

    17. Low tone horn inop, There are 2 and only 1 is working. £295.22

    18. Oil leaking from A/C compressor, Not excessive and common on 360’s…… Report and monitor.

    19. Excessive play in RHF lower ball joint, Dust covers ok as these have been replaced recently by GVE. Ball joint should of been done at the same time ideally. £371.54

    20. Both rear track control arm joint dust covers split and perished. Unfortunately they don’t come separate so this will mean two complete arms. £1606.08

    21. Both front track rod end dust covers split and perished, req’s two new ends as they don’t also do not come separate. £921.91

    22. All four suspension springs are very rusty at the base of the spring, These are prone to snapping when rusty so I would recommend these are replaced. £1351.80

    23. There is evidence of oil loss from the steering rack from both outer bellows …However according to the last service invoice the rack has been replaced .

    It looks like a second hand rack or an overhauled item that has been fitted ? Investigate source of leak and report back to customer. £54.00 to diagnose

    24. All four brake discs approx half worn and in poor condition on back faces ( Rusty and scored ) Report these for now as theres life in the pads. Recommend new discs next pad change.

    25. Gear box still has the early type support bush fitted which is also worn and split. ( Load bearing component ) £542.96

    26. Alloy clutch fluid block on side of Gearbox cracked and is weeping slightly. common problem which can fail causing complete loss of clutch pedal. Early type pre modified block fitted. £205.74

    27. Coolant pipe securing bracket located behind rear bulk head panel has snapped leaving the metal coolant transfer pipe loose and insecure. Fabricate and fit new bracket.£216.00

    28. Would recommend new cam belts, Auxiliary belts and tensioner bearings as I suspect these haven’t been done in the last 3 yearrs? Customer to confirm last belt change according to service history. £1375.15

    29. Fairly heavy oil leak from Left hand bank cam cover gasket/seal? Investigate and confirm. £408.95

    30. I would recommend vehicle has an Annual service as last service was done 2017.. According the last invoice the vehicle only had a oil and filter change ( 1.5hrs ) and a Major service inspection. ( 2.0hrs ) please note!!

    Keen to do work but just trying to understand how it looks?

    Any help welcome

  2. Dalesoden

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    Jan 7, 2019
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    Hi Marco,
    Where abouts are you located?
    Pop me a PM through, I may be able to help you out with this.
  3. MarcoB

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    Dec 30, 2017
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    Mark B
    How do you send a Pm, it is not clear to me!!
  4. greyboxer

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    So this looks like a quote (possibly as part of a PPI) to do some long overdue work on a recently purchased 360 - many of the items are standard requirements over time eg belts tyres alarm led ball joints

    Depending on where you are there may be better ways than involving a main dealer

    I think you need to not be new members with few posts to pm (now called 'Conversation' here)
  5. Wheels1

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    Oct 23, 2007
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    Where are you located Mark?
  6. A348W

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    Jun 28, 2017
    North Wiltshire, UK
    As above; sounds like a pile of long overdue maintenance that has been deferred by previous owners and its now yours to deal with!

    A lot depends on how handy you are with the spanners. Also how much you want some of the rattles etc sorted. There is nothing on there that people don’t do themselves.

    If money is a consideration I’d suggest getting all the mechanics sorted now. You can get the rattles and wind noise sorted later.

    If you want more specific insight to costs etc; try joining Club Scuderia forum. There are a few 360 owners who are very knowledgeable.

    Good luck and enjoy.
  7. mike32

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    May 13, 2016
    Have a look on. Superperformance uk web site re item 20 and 21. Not sure if right covers but worth a look . Other items listed as well

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