Replica swb 250GT on 250GTE chassis: did any get passed off as real ones?

Discussion in 'Vintage (thru 365 GTC4)' started by bitzman, Mar 10, 2019.

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    When the Petersen Museum had guest speakers lately at a Ferrari cruise-in, one of them said he had a swb that he sold because someone in Europe was making a counterfeit one but the counterfitter had the original engine the guest speaker's car originally came with and he didn't want to fight over which one was real. This was before Ferrari Classiche) so I am wondering what happened to the replica, was it pawned off as a real one? I don't think it's this Christopher Lawrence-built car , one of two he built mentioned on BringaTrailer. com, that's probably much; newer -their mention dating from
    July 17, 2011:

    "250 GTE-Based Replicas: Ferrari 250 SWB & California
    These two Ferrari replicas started life as 250 GTE’s that were than re-bodied by Christopher Lawrence. The Spyder looks much better than the terrible non-Ferrari California replicas we see from time to time, and we don’t think we have previously come across any SWB replicas. Find these two cars at the eBay links below, shown in kit form but both offered and photographed in running and driving shape and each with air conditioning!"

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    You are probably right: I believe Mr. Ferrari was supposed to have said that when you buy the engine, the rest of the car is thrown in for free, or something to that effect.
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    I think he gave up too soon. But I know a similar case with a GT40. I met a man who had owned a genuine GT40 but when someone in England built a counterfeit and registered that with various sanctioning organizations, he couldn't take the time to go over to Blighty and sue him with the result that false claimant can even put his up for sale and claim that SN

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