Reputation of Italclassic in Alicante?

Discussion in 'Spain' started by malex, Jan 20, 2013.

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    Daniel T
    They seem not bad
    What ever you do don't use rent bull exotics they are horrible
    Long story but they do lots of exotic rentals and then sale them

    Lots of damaged cars heavily used
    And lots of scams
    Caution is important

    Just or back from Alicante
    Wish I saw the post could of looked for you :)


    Life is 2 short not to drive a Ferrari :)
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    I live in Alicante and have taken the 328 there a couple of times for some repairs. Last time was some 6 years ago so I don't even know if it's the same people.
    Meanwhile i have found better places to go to. They do seem to be specialized in classic alfas and fiat and in general I got a good impression of the work that they perform on those cars. I was not totally happy with the work done on my Ferrari lacking some specific expertise. What also bothered me was that the premises were a bit small and shabby and the car was parked outside for a while.
    If you want, I can go and have a look at that car you are interested in. I am not an expert but can share my impression.
  4. malex

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    PM sent.
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    Philip de Ros Wallac
    I am surprised at Ghostriders comments. I have known this firm for over 10 years and have never known them to rent cars, so possible he is talking about somebody else. (there is a limo, classic car rental and repair service right in front of them) so maybe he is confused. They do not specialize in Ferraris but mostly Alfas. I also do not understand his english properly.
    I have been satisfied by their prompt and friendly service and must admit that we have become friends over the years. I drive a Alfa Spider 2000, series 2, bought from them and it is a very good car. It had been fully restored by them. It is a beautiful car with the best of parts available, as I wanted.

    Just to comment that in Spain we have been going through the worst financial and employment crisis in history and this has affected everything and everybody.
    Maybe te Ferrari owner should go to a proper service, the nearest one, I believe is about 200Km away.

    Mark, I believe you would be quite satisfied with their service, if you make it clear what you require.

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