Resonator (central muffler) on Gran Turismo and Gran Turismo S

Discussion in 'Maserati' started by Brangeta, Aug 12, 2009.

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    Anybody know the approximately dimensions of this piece including the X-pipe? Length, width, maximum height (thickness)? Anybody have their car on a lift so they can give me some approximate measurements?

    Anybody who has had aftermarket exhaust put on their car has probably had this piece removed. Anybody have one sitting in their garage...?
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    I can't site specifics on the Granturisimo, but from experience, on the Coupe, I would not recommend removing the resonator. The interior sound increased noticebly, but the exterior sound was not that big of a difference. I ended up re-installing the resonator right away. Even the tech shrugged his shoulders when I asked his opinion which meant, put it back on.

    I heard the Granturisimo S on the track and the sound at wide open throttle was similar to the Gransport Trofeo. You may want to see what the specifics on that exhaust is first. If a freeflowing cat exists, I would consider that first, prior to a cat delete. Even the Trofeo has the resonator.

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