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  1. Pat

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    Jan 2, 2004
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    Hi guys,

    I took half an hour to read and understand some of this thread....

    I think it's a very interesting thread actually.

    Enzo Ferrari was a really charismati and intelligent person, with enormous abilities.

    He had a very particular character, he said lot of things he really never thought (like Luca Cordero.....) just to create suspence and a particular "ambiente" around him.

    I read some biographies about Enzo, the best one was by Leo Turrini, don't know if it has been translated and sold in english....but I really hope so.

    Ferrari lived in a period when it was not so difficult to create a new car's manufacturer....he specialized in sports cars, but sports cars were made by umans and umans' hearts, not by computer or machines...

    Yes, he was much more interested in competitions (he was a "failed" driver....), but he really loved his "stradali" cars, his road cars, and he wanted the best from his cars anyway anytime evrywhere.

    This is the reason why Ferrari car factory became what it is now, doesn't matter how kind or funny or appreciable Enzo Ferrari was, and surely he'd be very happy if he could see today's Ferraris, road and competition cars.

    Luca Cordero di Montezemolo is today the best man Ferrari has, a really able man and director, I think one of the best in the world, not because he's a Ferrari's man, but because just of him.

    In the past Ferrari had some crisis and trouble, and Montezemolo had no problem to say this; but it wasn't Enzo Ferrari's fault, it was due to economy problem all round the world for car (expecially small volume cars) manufacturers.

    Now Montezemolo in 2 years 2 took out from his hat a wonderful Maserati Coupe....well not the best Maserati ever, but a well done Maserati, and he took it back to the states.

    Now there's a Quattroporte too, and Ferrari strikes back in Formula 1 and GT championships (550) with just great results.

    Road Ferrari cars.....I think everybody knows....;)

    (sorry about my english, really sorry guy I'd write much more but that's so difficult for me...)
  2. rodsky

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    Mar 24, 2003
    Los Angeles
    Pat - Dont apologize for your English. I think its actually very good. That was a good post - I for one enjoyed it. Keep posting!!
  3. TOM B

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    Thomas Buckley
    Hey Ellenlambo, "Lamborghini, Victory by Design" is on SpeedChannel. It's starting to get a little boring . After all, how long can you watch tractor-pulls ?

    This was posted in support of DES. When will they learn, New Yorkers stick together !

  4. davewapinski

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    Nov 24, 2003
    Beautiful home - makes me want to work harder to afford the pleasures.

    I come from the extreme poor side of the tracks where poverty, welfare, and crime are facts of life.

    Growing up, a used Pontiac was considered a high end luxury, sports car.

    It took me awhile to get interested in Ferraris for the driving experience.

    I only know my experiences. I bought the Michelin Z rated all season tires for my Mondial t from Tire Rack. They were installed in a Wal*Mart in Salt Lake City since I can get free rebalance in any Wal*Mart in the country (tire balance is important in driving).

    It made the day of everyone in the shop to have a Ferrari in their shop. The manager called the District Manager and said that you will never believe what we have in the bay - a FERRARI. Everyone in the shop worked on installing the tires.

    The manager came and said that they had put anti-seize on the lug nuts to make it better. They torqued it to the ideal pressure.

    It made the manager's day that I let him drive it out of the shop.

    There is one hotel that I sometimes stay in for work. Before, driving a Mercedes, I was just a regular person. When I first went there in the Ferrari, everyone knew who I was from the manager on down. I got exceptional service.

    Sometimes, after a really rough day, this just adds to the Ferrari driving experience.
  5. Pat

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    Jan 2, 2004
    Genova, Italy
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    thank you rodsky....I will continue to try....;)
  6. 134282

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    Carbon McCoy
    LOL...! Thanks, Tom...! :)
  7. benedict

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    Nov 6, 2003
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    [Also his attitude to his road car customer was the best marketing tool ever invented. Treate people like they are not of your class, and thus not good enough to purchase your product ... and they will trip over themselves to be ALLOWED to buy one, and thus leaving with the foolish notion that Enzo Ferrari has finally approved of them .... hahaha, he must have pissed himself laughing at these idiots in the early days that paid a fortune for a worn out race car wearing badly put together new clothes! What a salesman!


    Yes, he sounds like he was an expert at human nature. Take these LA or NYC nightclubs. Put up a velvet rope and big bouncer and people fall all over themselves trying to get in. I used to play this role in LA when I promoted a friend's band. I would hand out "complimentary invitations" to a "select few" at nightclubs. I would walk up to a large group of people, select one hot looking girl and only give her the invite. Suddenly everyone else is coming up to me "can I come too, I know Joey
    Buttafuoco!". ROTFLMAO.
  8. benedict

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    Nov 6, 2003
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    Ha, ha! Shaved, unshaved or "landing strip" ROTFLMAO!

  9. Chiaro_Slag

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    Allan's an ass and DES is the man bottomline.

    I would pay $15 a year for a Allan-free Ferrari Chat.
  10. DrewH

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    I fell in love with Ferrari's with Magnum PI. As soon as I could drive I used to go down to the dealer after they were closed and just stand and stare at the Ferrari's through the window. As soon as I could easily afford one I bought one. Even though I could afford a new 360 I bought a used 355.

    My neighbour bought a new 03 Turbo Porsche around the same time I bought my 355. My neighbour put 30K on his car in the last year and a half while I put only 11K. He has changed his oil a few times while I have done belts, clutch and enough other stuff that it couldn't be mentioned in one post.

    My neighbours car is faster and as reliable as a Honda Accord and I payed more? I knew all this before I bought the car!

    I find that Allan (Like or Not) usually just tells the facts. My car still sounds, smells and looks better than my neighbours. On a summer Saturday night with t-shirt and shorts on around dusk with the top down the extra speed and reliabilty don't matter!

  11. Testacojones

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    Nov 3, 2003
    I don't know where people get that Ferrari's are not to reliable, I own a 328 and a TR and I have put about 70,000 miles on them without any problems, they always start and never let me down anywhere, this cars are as reliable as a Honda as far as my experience with them.
  12. alanhenson

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    Dec 2, 2003
    The answer is simple. For those of you who say Ferrari has no aura, you are nuts. Just look at the name of the website you are on. This is Ferrari chat, not the defunct Lamborghini chat, not Maserati chat, not Lotus chat or even piss car(oops I mean prosche) chat. There is a reason for that and it is called aura. Sure there are faster cars and faster turning cars but no one puts together the whole package like Ferrari does. I recently drove the Porsche TT convertible, what a boring f-ing sports(luxury) car, so I bought a 355 spider. A much more satisfying car. I drove the Gallardo before my purchase also and it did not make my spine tingle. Felt like a pretty fast chevy. Terribly boring exhaust note. Just my 2 pents.

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