Review for service at Fast Cars LTD in Redondo Beach, CA

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    Tarek Salah
    -So i've had my Modena 360 manual for 6 months now, and put 5k miles on it as i daily drive it- When it was time for an oil change i was a bit worried at what the bill would be & what else may come up (this is my first Ferrari i'm a Porsche guy)

    I took the car to Fast Cars LTD & spoke with Craig the owner & also requested they inspect the car for anything else it needed and drive it etc..Car was ready on time, oil change very reasonable price i was surprised (i never asked how much it would be when dropped off) and they inspected the car for me to make sure it needed nothing else and she came back with a clean bill of health

    Many shops would have come up with some way to make you pay for something that wasn't necessarily due or wasn't so important, especially when you tell them inspect it and whatever it needs lets do it.

    Furthermore i dropped off the car with a dirty engine (was planning on detailing soon) and when i picked it up and was driving home i noticed the engine was very clean, i pulled over and realized they actually also cleaned my engine, i never asked for this, they never even said "we did you a favor & cleaned it" Now that is what i call excellent customer service.

    Glad to have Craig & his team at Fast Cars LTD taking care of my F-car as long as i own it, and going there to that facility is like visiting a car museum you see some very interesting cars.

    Thx Craig.
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    Juan Sánchez Villa-L
    ive bothered them on cars they have had for sale before..... seem like a really good bunch of guys
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    Robb Williamson
    Craig and the group are good people.

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    Had my 575 PPI’d there years ago. Can’t say enough- meticulously handled. Wish they were closer to Ohio:)
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    i have only good things to say about craig.
    top notch.
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