RHD 355 or LHD 360

Discussion in '348/355' started by angelboy, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. angelboy

    angelboy Formula Junior

    Jun 16, 2004
    Up North - UK
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    I'm in the market for my first Ferrari after being a Porker for a few years and I'm trying to narrow down my options.

    I've never really been into LHD cars but I'm sort of swaying towards it now (Mistake?)

    What do you guys think?

    A RHD 97ish 355 (Berl/spider) or an early 99/00 LHD 360 Mod?
    I'm looking upto £60k and for that I've seen a massive difference in cars available with a variety of milages. The 355's have generally been close to 20,000 whereas the 360's 30,000.

    I've driven a RHD 360 and though it was great but easy to drive fast. People tell me the 355 it the better drivers car and I have to admit I prefere the body shape. Is it becoming a little older and less respected though?

    Fire away your thoughs and see if you can confuse me even more!
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  3. Looney

    Looney F1 Rookie

    Jul 1, 2004
    Gold Coast
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    All i can say, is here in australia a LHD would be a big mistake as you couldnt sell it again, but i would have thought being in england it wouldnt be a problem as you could quite easily sell a LHD car, as everywhere else around you (to the south obviously) is LHD?
  4. ferrarifixer

    ferrarifixer F1 Veteran

    Jul 22, 2003
    Full Name:
    Phil Hughes
    At 60k pounds you're close to 550 money...... leaves both other models standing.


    LHD 550 even cheaper!

    How about a nice 512BB...good for 180mph+, and 25 grand in your pocket....

    hope I helped!
  5. Izza

    Izza Formula 3

    Nov 3, 2003
    An authorised dealer admitted to me 2 years ago that LHD models make up 25% of all Ferrari's in UK. THat percentage consistently grows and as such buying and selling is not an issue. Servicing is no longer a problem either as the better specialists hae the electronic diagnostic equipment.

    The 355 was raved about but after owning both (RHD 355, LHD 360) I would plump for the 360. It is easier to get closer to the car's limits and in road terms, it is much easier to attack country lanes, overtake plebs, etc.
  6. subirg

    subirg F1 Rookie

    Dec 19, 2003
    Ferrari designs it's cars as LHD and then converts them to RHD. Hence all RHD Ferraris are a compromise from the ideal... (hence why 288 GTO, F40, F50 and Enzo were only ever produced in LHD). I would go for a LHD 355 or 360 and save the cash. They are readily resold and serviced everywhere.

    With regards to 355 vs 360 - it's a question of personal preference. There isn't that much between them performance wise and on the public road you won't be disappointed with either. A 360 will be faster on a track by a couple of seconds a lap, but that difference is not big enough to really 'feel'. The one advantage that the 360 has in safety terms is traction control - that extra safety net might come in useful one day...

    In terms of looks, I prefer the 355 shape, but I know lots of people that prefer the 360. In terms of noise - again both have great engine notes, with the 355s being more 'musical' where the 360 is more 'metallic'. Again it's personal preference time.

    In terms of value, I think the 355/360 category cars will settle at about the same used price levels, with a slight premium for the newer 360. I don't expect 355 values to drop significantly from where they are but there will be value to come out of 360 prices as the 430 comes on stream.

    The 550 option is also worth considering - but it is a vastly different car - more GT than sports car. It will also cost much more to run and is more likely to lose more value. However, it has a loyal fan base and is regarded as a future classic.
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  8. Higgins23

    Higgins23 Karting

    Jul 16, 2004
    I have driven LHD cars in the UK for a couple of years and rarely see it as any sort of handicap once you get used to it. In terms of the 355 or 360, drive them both and see which you prefer. I would let that drive the decision, not which side of the car the wheel is on. Cheers.

    P.S. LHD might be a plus if you intend to use the car on the Continent often (and away from all the Speed Cameras)
  9. cwwhk

    cwwhk Formula 3

    Nov 13, 2003
    Hong Kong, Tokyo
    Full Name:
    I have had both and would definitely prefer the 360 LHD manual shift. Being a right handed person I can never shift as well with a RHD stick using my left hand.

    Even if both are F1, I still prefer the 360 because it's roomier, has better build quality, and turn in is much more accurate than the 355.

    Style wise I like both equally.

    In the end, it's what you like that counts. So go with your instinct.
  10. tritone

    tritone F1 Veteran
    Silver Subscribed

    Dec 8, 2003
    On the Rock
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    You guys!
    I'm laughing, because here in the good old US of A, you could hardly give away an RHD car; and you guys in the UK and AUS are talking no biggie to drive on "the other side". Are we not too well adjusted or what?
    (thinking about the RHD E-type lightweight he foolishly let go 'cause "it's so hard/dangerous to drive a RHD car in the US"). paughh.....
  11. Kevallino

    Kevallino Formula 3

    Feb 10, 2004
    Los Angeles
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    I have lived in both the US and Australia - while in Oz my regular car (Jeep Cherokee) is RHD as required, and my tarmac rally car (5.0 Mustang) is LHD. In a RHD country, only thing about LHD is overtaking on country roads when you have no passenger, otherwise it doesn't matter.

    So if you like the 360 I'd say go for the LHD as you will get used to it very quickly. My next car in the US will be a RHD Roller or Bentley that I can take back to Sydney - they are much less expensive in the US and over 30 years old imports extra cheap back into Oz, and except for parking garages the RHD here in LA is no biggie to me!!

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  13. Izza

    Izza Formula 3

    Nov 3, 2003
    The big performance advantage of the 360 over the 355 is peak torque comes much lower down the reve range. This greatly assists overtaking and as such the issue is minimal.

    One option to look at though is a LHD 355. Save £20k and invest in the complete home cinema/Xbox/Gotham racing. That way you get to drive a (virtual) Enzo as well!
  14. angelboy

    angelboy Formula Junior

    Jun 16, 2004
    Up North - UK
    Full Name:
    I prefer the styling of the 355 I have to admit, the 360 is a little to boggle-eyed if you know what I mean, but now I'm thinking of what am I getting the car for.

    6000 miles a year tops to play around with on sunny days................(don't all jump on me yet!) With this in mind then maybe a LHD 355 should satisfy my grin factor. I'm used to driving low-powered left-hookers in the UK so I'm sure with all the extra power that overtaking will be no problems.


    I still have a problem with the image a LHD creates. Can't quite afford to stretch to a RHD can we?...................Shallow and not the reason I want the car for but this is first impressions for me. I see a nice car driving up the road and I go, 'ooh,'s a left hooker!' Same as I see a beautiful woman and then she opens her gob!.........You still would but you'd still be hankering for the the perfect package.

    Having said all that....................there is the money!

    How confused am I?!?!?

    Someone make my decision for me..............;)
  15. subirg

    subirg F1 Rookie

    Dec 19, 2003
    You'll just have to try before you buy. As Izza says, 1 in 4 UK Ferrari drivers are in LHD, so they clearly can't feel that bad about it. And what about all those 288s, F40s, F50s and Enzos? Do you think 'oh dear' when you see one of those? No thought not.

    On a track, LHD is no disadvantage - in fact a positive advantage given the better pedal placement (no huge offset). On the continent, LHD is a positive advantage too - and those are the only public roads where you will be able to really stretch the cars legs anyway.

    I was nervous about LHD before I got one, but then, within about 30 nanoseconds of driving off, all the nerves disappeared and I was able to really enjoy the fact that it is a Ferrari - LHD or RHD - it's still a Ferrari. If it were a Ford Fiesta or a VW Golf life would be different...

    Over to you! Decisions decisions... (cash cash)...

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