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Discussion in 'California & Nevada (Northern)' started by paulchua, May 9, 2014.

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    @paulchua since this thread came back alive, I will say that one of the reasons that things take a while at Roselli is because Roberto is too nice to everyone, and he never says no. The number of people who don't pay him or abandon their cars there is staggering. I have seen him literally rip up a bill and give her the keys when a lady started crying that she couldn't afford the repairs this month but really needed her car for work. (It wasn't a Ferrari). There are many people who take advantage of his kindness, but he doesn't change his behavior because that's the kind of class act he is. The rest of the team, including Tang and Alfredo are great and really know what they are doing. Alfredo keeps threatening to retire, and that will be a tough day. They have worked on my 612, 550 and also the 288 on occasion.
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    All your points are correct. Totally agree!
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    Now that's a class act. I have been going to him for 2 years and I just get the feeling that he's an honest guy. But after hearing that, he goes beyond honest!
  5. Agreed! Roberto is one of the nicest person around.
    He is a good friend always happy to help recovering from a bad illness. Way too nice. Always says yes that’s the problem. But he is the best In the South Bay. I dropped my car
    Smog today; I don’t expect it before early December and it will
    Be dirty but his passion is what I love. Some people are complete ****** to him
    Too just because they have a nice car. He loves people in a mondial, Renault 5 turbo , Escalade or f40.
    Roberto reads the forum and/or hears about it so Roberto please stay safe and don’t work so much. Not worth it.
    Much love to u!

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