360 Rough Idle and a backfire

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    I took my car out the other day and noticed when I shifted into second the car would buck and and what sounded like a backfire in the exhaust. the car was not fully warmed up, let it idle for a few minutes before leaving. The issue disappeared after the car warmed up and it seemed to run fine. I also notice the car seems to idle rough and the when coming to stop the car would drop to 500 RMP and come right back to 1100 even after the car warmed up.
    I cleaned the MAF sensors fond a bug in one of them?
    Restarted the car and it seem to idle rough. I have not driven the car since I cleaned the MAF.
    One other item - I had the thermostat fail causing the car to run very hot 230 for a short time but it never boiled over or lost coolant. After fixing the thermostat issue the car ran fine and the temp stayed around 180F

    This is a 6 speed manual and I checked for codes and got the following:
    P1636 - microprocessor function monitoring
    P0155 - unknown
    P0385 - Engine revolution sensor
    This is on the left bank.
    NO CLE

    I have not cleared any of the codes nor reset the computers.
    Should I just clear the codes or should I reset the computers and preform a drive cycle.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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