s/n 0854 Piper-nose from Paris to Kya/Cape

Discussion in 'Vintage (thru 365 GTC4)' started by Fili Pinetti, Jul 31, 2004.

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    Jul 7, 2004
    Hi Gents,

    maybe a little distraction from the ongoing 0846 discussion:

    As you know David Piper Racing bought 0854 from TMC in august 1967 for an amount of £ 15,000.
    The car got painted bright green, considerably lightened with some fiberglass body panels in place of aluminium, and got the latest 4 cylinders per calipper
    Girling disc brakes - but still on Webers -.
    Later in 1968 it got converted to a full spyder after centre section and windscreen were badly crushed in a pitlane collision a month or two before Cape Town 3 hours (btw, had a good laugh on the ferrari identification software in the thread about this conversion :))
    Again later in 1968 the car was badly damaged by fire after colliding with Hawkins' P4 at Pietermaritzburg - nice town btw. -.

    Now to the question:

    On the pic from Paris you can see the nose Piper used on the car he bought from TMC. Thats not the nose used by TMC and kind of no nose ever used on any P3/4 / 412P / P4 really looks like that.
    Is this a Piper-made fibreglass Nose? One he did in trying to make the car lighter? Maybe with such a big opening because this car was intended to run in the hot Springbok series at such thin air places like Kyalami?

    Additionally, i saw a discussion about the reconverted #0844 seen at Spa with a puzzling nose.
    It was suggested this nose might be the 0846 TF nose. But, to me it seems the TF nose wasnt that wide open. The Spa nose looks much like this one here and since parts for this car were bought from Piper and the SA pitlane colission seemingly didnt affect the nose, this might well have been a part David Piper held in stock and sold to the #0844 reconverters. possible, likely?

    Thank you gents,

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