Safety of the 308 vs 355

Discussion in '308/328' started by Brian7708, Aug 3, 2013.

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    I've had many many sports cars over the years prior to my '83 308. I owned an MGB and MG Midget simultaneously for over 10 years and I've had motorcycles as well. I owned them all while living in the Los Angeles area. The point here is, you need to learn to drive like no one can see you. Like you are invisible to them. People will change lanes into you, so never drive next to them in their blind spot. Never take anything for granted.

    The 308 is low. Not sure compared to the 355. Being newer, I would expect the 355 to have better crumple zones, but that doesn't matter if your broad sided by a Suburban. Your head is at bumper height.

    Over the years I had more close calls then I can count or care to remember ALL of them because the other driver couldn't see me. The only accident I ever had was in my MGB when I was watching a short skirt on the sidewalk and rear ended a pickup truck that was stopped trying to make a left into a driveway on a small street! (3 days after I took delivery of the car after full restoration). HEY, I was 23 years old!
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    Cameron MacArthur
    +1 Chris.
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    Brian Harper
    You can buy a heck of a lot of 308 rubber bits for the cost a 355 header set. And you will be replacing 355 rubber bits in another 4 or five years if my '83 308 is an indication. All this just to be able to repeatedly apply WFO to THE BEST sounding engine ever put in a street car? Your call.

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