Saturday July 16th - Benefit BBQ/Tech Day/Hang Out - Millennium Audi

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    Millennium Audi, Steve Mikula and myself would like to invite everyone to an evening of BBQ, Hanging out with friends, checking out cars, and having a good time on Saturday, July 16th. We apologize for the short notice, and , but this is a benefit for the Floyd family of Houston for a tragedy in their family that just happened recently. See below for further details.

    This event is open to everyone regardless of what you drive. We will have the S2000 Club, BMWCCA, LSRPCA, and other clubs stopping by, and hopefully we will have a few race cars here, possibly a Supercup GT3, 906, and possibly more.

    This is nothing formal, but rather just a chance to get everyone together and have a good time one evening, and enjoy some burgers, brats, and hot dogs (And adult beverages if you so choose).

    What: BBQ/GTG/Tech Session
    Where: Millennium Audi - 17815 N Freeway•Houston, TX 77090•(281) 214-0500
    When: Saturday July 16th, 4pm - 8pm

    On a more somber note, we will be collecting donations for the Floyd family of Houston. On Sunday 6/19/05, Jessica Floyd was Offshore celebrating her 20th birthday with friends when she was suddenly taken ill with severe headaches, which was first thought to be sea sickness. After a short time, it was decided that this was not the case and that something else was wrong. The boat radioed the Coast Guard, and had paramedics standing by at Kemah. After a short diagnosis, Jessica was life-flighted to Herman Hospital where she was found to have had an anurism that ruptured. The fight to save her life began. She, coming from James and Barbara Floyd, is a very strong person who will not give up easily.

    The Floyds have all been involved in our communities and have been a big part of the Academics Alive program to keep at risk children in school. They have always helped at great expense to provide race cars, transportation and famous race drivers at no cost to the Academics Alive! programs. Due to unfortunate circumstances that have happened, the Floyds do not have medical insurance that can cover the costs of Jessica's medical treatment. It is now time for the automotive community to come together and give a little back to the Floyd's in their time of need and great expense. Any donations are greatly appreciated. For more information, please contact Steve Mikula at 281-214-0500.

    We hope that everyone can make it out. Please RSVP via e-mail to

    Again, this is open to folks of any club, regardless of what they drive. We hope to see you there!
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