Say it ain't so, Joe. '68 Iso Rivolta restomod

Discussion in 'Other Italian' started by bitzman, Jan 13, 2021.

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    actually I like about 90% of what they did on this ground up restomod on a Rivolta. Before you get inflamed as to a desecration of a classic, it has a newly made frame so presumably the old chassis is around someplace and could be used to repair a Rivolta or even make a Bizzarrini (which used shortened Rivolta chassis). the only part of this redesign that sticks in my craw is the BMW taillights.

    Here's their description "Louie Shefchik and his company J&L Fabricating in Puyallup, Washington built this 1968 Iso Rivolta for Richard Griot, owner of Griot’s Garage. Since the Iso Rivolta originally came with a 327 ci Chevy V8, Richard wanted to stay with Bowtie power. Under the hood sits a LS7 V8 crate engine mated to a T56 Magnum six-speed manual transmission and modern Camaro rear end. The car rides on an Art Morrison chassis with a Woodward steering rack, Wilwood Pro spindles, multi-link IRS, and Penske shocks. A set of EVOD Industries custom Mura 17-inch wheels cover Wilwood 13-inch disc brakes. The project won second place in SEMA’s 2019 Battle of the Builders."
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  3. Tegethoff

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    Cortina lights would be a better fit.
  4. MK1044

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    Don't love it but nicely done. Often I think guys overpower older cars, but since this has a new chassis it may be okay here.
  5. tritone

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    Very nice, for the most part......some unfortunate aesthetic choices made; taillights and mismatching bumpers the least of the issues.....(I know; his money, his choices...:rolleyes:). I was around when the project was started; lots of yelling and screaming, friendships terminated, "I told you so's..." :cool:
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